Clans, a team building Experiance!

We all know that teamwork is a professionals game, but what if working together with members of your Clan was more motivating?


For Example:


Wouldn’t Clan territory battles be a good idea? Though I guess it would make the people saying Star Conflict is basically World of Tanks in Space, scream a bit louder.


  Clan buffs would be a great idea!? 

Some say “Yes!” some say “No!” but I say “mehehehehe~”, for one it would be bad if people just joined for the buffs and never spent any time with they’re Clan, but I think to fix that if it where to be put into the game, it should be restricted, having the buff only occur if your in a match with a clan “official” or the leader would be better, that way there is a sort of viable or applicable command structure in the clan that actually matters more than “If you don’t do as I say I’ll kick you out”(even if it would be somewhat forced) and the buffs make teamwork worth while for the less motivated and willing.

However with the buffs, I’m not talking about outright buffs, I mean buffs that promote teamwork! Teamwork related buffs would be things like if you’re locked onto the same enemy as a member of your clan then you do a little bit of extra damage or your missiles fly faster, or if your within range of a certain number of people from your clan then you get a shield, or mobility/turning buff, things like that, that would promote teamwork and maybe even a bit of formation, it would also help the leader and other people of importance in the clan become more involved with they’re team, other than them just being the person yelling the many orders, or lack there of orders.


However these are purely my thoughts on the matter, the general consensus sees a “team buff” as “unfair” and I dare say it is, but with a wonderfully good reason, after all they had the sense to latch onto the nearest corporation rather than try and freelance a team based game, though of cause people want to do things on they’re own, however the very game they play is a team vs team shootout, not a 1 v 1 drunken brawl that would end abruptly in a puff of virtual smoke and be dissatisfying for all but the victor.



edit: A side note when I say clan I actually mean corporation, sorry for being a bit confusing I couldn’t remember what it was called at the time.