Clan Jade Falcon Corp Recruitment

Clan Jade Falcon is a English speaking corp with Americains, Brits, French, Dutch You name it.

We aim to have fun aswell as work as a coordinated team to win.


We are a large and active corp that will help anyone.


We are a fun corp and dont mind if your the noobiest Ace out there or if your a mlg player, as long as u can use teamspeak, Listen and have the will to learn, Your in!!


ToKaSmOKA is the leader of the corp.

CJF is part of a large community called Ragequit Gaming:


Apply here, Msg me on skype (xUrbanFusion) Or Toka on here :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, see you on the battlefield :wink:

welcome to the forum and good luck


Ultra welcome’s you

Herro. DOW

On behalf of Galactic Arc, welcome.

Welcome to the forum. Best of luck to you!