Cinamatic View Key.

Star Conflict Masters of the Universe.


First off I applaud the recent changes to SC and am looking forward to the future of SC>.

I do not know if this is simple or complicated but my suggestion is as follows:

The Crtl key in SC zooms the camera out for a more panoramic view.  This can be used in many interesting screen shots and video’s.  

Example : This can be extremely effective when your trying to tripple tag team a dessy in her rear. (All puns intended).  


One thing that would make this view more used and spectacular for video’s is keep the video static and not follow the player when using automovement (also called turnkey) or rolling maneuvers.  When doing a roll or turnkey the camera follows the angle of the player instead of simply keeping a static view on the center of that player regardless of what orientation he or she at.  Esentually how automovement works now with a staic 3rd person camera but also used for the panoramic view. 



Star conflict has amazingly detailed backgrounds, if there was a way you could do panoramic views with tight loops around asteroids, the newly found dancing that can happen is SC.  But you could do it in open space with 50 of your firends. (Dancing : ).  In all diffrent types of ships.  Could look really good and also fun for the whole family.


thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion.







You know you can just hold the free aim key right?


So zoom out, free aim key and then we can do the rolls and loops I m talking about ?

Yeah sure why not.

I ll try it tonight see if it works.  Request might be retracted.


Dont worry,it will work,the manoeuvring will be the tricky part tho.

A toggle for the zoomed out mode would be nice instead of being required to hold it down. You can also map rotation to keys so it doesn’t require the mouse. Firing your main weapons effectively will be the hard part.