Choose game type

A lot of people play arcade, and personally I actually prefer it’s laidback gamestyle. However, the only way you can guarantee the Domination mode (for contracts) is by doing Regular mode. I personally have a bit of an issue with this, but unless I want to spend a few hours simply trying to find an arcade domination, there is no other solution (I have in the past played entire 2 hour sessions without seeing a capture mode). I think it would be nice on the UI where you can choose Arcade/Regular/Scenario, etc, if you could choose specific gamemodes. In the end (at least as I’d prefer it) it would look like this:

[Arcade] Random
[Arcade] Detonation
[Arcade] Domination
[Arcade] Combat Reconassiance
[Regular] Domination
//and possibly, if wanted, see note below
[Scenario] Random
[Scenario] Offense
[Scenario] Defence

and then the various practice modes. I can understand not wanting to do this with Scenarios as there is a large descrepency between the difficulty of the two different types and keeping it random allows for a bit more challenge. Obviously, if regular mode ever ends up with more playtypes, a random option for that wouldn’t be bad either.


One specific functionality that I feel would be necessary is that in however the matchmaking is done, [Arcade] Random would still be matched with people in the rooms of the other gamemodes (more specifically, not only with others in random mode) which would allow for quicker fill up of rooms that are close to full. Obviously, as is done currently, [Arcade] Random should still be the default option.

Now, I don’t know how much expansion is planned on the game, and if a lot of different game modes are going to be added, this list could get considerably lengthy which would cause issues with the general look and feel of the UI. At that point, perhaps a setting box that creates a pop-up UI could be added, or perhaps two lists could be added, one linked to the raw game mode (arcade, regular, scenario) and another linked to the different modes of that type (random, detonation, defence, offence, etc). Again, random would be the default here as well.

Welp, thanks for reading, I hope this was thought out well enough, and would love to see it added to the game.

so instead of starting my own thread on this i will revive yours


so i have had 8 fights now where 7 was the terrible designed “captain” which is just rediculessly bad.

and the other two was demolishing which i think is just bad…


both maps goes into a “zerg rush, no tactic, hope the other team got enough xxxx” mode which i absolutely hate…


i had planned to play a few more hours but i think within the last two hourst i have seen ONE match that i liked and the rest have been maps/modes i REALLY do not enjoy playing, so instead of playing a few hours more i am stopping for tonight due to this bs.



so i urge you as competent thinking humans LET US CHOOSE WHICH MODE WE WANT TO SIGN UP FOR!!! and preferable which maps.

I actually love the Combat Reconnaissance (‘Captain’) games, It is all about strategy and sticking together. Anyway! I’m shocked that more players aren’t discussing this and so shall present my own argument:


Each player has his own preferences for game mode, and each player seems to have his one or two game modes he really HATES to play, especially when the “random” selection seems to deal out a whole load of a certain game type. We also hate when our team mates simply aren’t contributing to the objectives. They seem to scatter off and pick on enemies that are easy kills, going for kills rather than objectives.


My theory is that these players are so sick of these certain game modes, they simply go for points and do not care to contribute to the team objectives.


For example, I have no idea why, but other players seem to have faster interceptors, and abilities to pick up the EMP instantly. I can only assume this is a certain faction ability, but whatever the reason… I hate it, and have grown to loathe Detonation rounds, so much so I wish to quit the game [That wouldn’t be fair on the team though, so i stick around, try, then quit once the round ends].



Solution: Let us choose game mode :slight_smile: