Chip Ship

It would be really fun to have a kind of “sandbox ship” that has absolutely pitiful stats on its own (with maluses to ensure that it cannot perform in PvP), but has the ability to equip any active module and any weapon, and has like 20 seed chip slots.

The ultimate weapons platform that is only useful in non-PvP modes.


It would obviously be easy to make this a thing, outside of making an epic and cool unique new model for it, because the functionality to mix and match items is ready in the game.



Some stats I personally think it should have are as follows:


Ship size: medium to large

Rank: 17 (just for implants)

Faction: Unique

Shield volume: 2500pts

Shield resistances: flat 50 all around

Hull volume: 2500pts

Hull resistances: flat 50 all around

Max speed: 600m/s (450 in PvP)

Main weapon turrets: 3-5

Seed chip slots: 16

Active Modules: 4

Passive modules: 15 (3 of each)


Synergy bonuses: (Only active in non-PvP modes)

1- Reduces main weapon damage by 60% in PvP.

1- Reduces all resistances by 30pts in PvP.

2- Increases all resistances by 25pts.

6- Adds 250pts/s hull regeneration while at max energy capacity.

8- Increases sensor range by 500%.

10- Increases active module power by 50%.



So as you can see, it would be hilariously weak in PvP, but would make a wonderful platform for seed chips and mixed weapons/actives in other modes. This would be the ultimate in customizability.


I and everyone else would also prefer that this ship be obtained via merit, and not DLC. A mission with tradable parts would be perfectly fine as long as it isn’t something silly like Specops.

Unless they make swapping seed chips credits only, this seems somewhat problematic.

2 hours ago, ScireEstMelius said:

Unless they make swapping seed chips credits only, this seems somewhat problematic.

The gs cost for swapping chips is actually somewhat more tolerable for me. I’d rather spend a few gs I got from trade than 2mil cred tbh lol.


Though I guess that’s just up to the individual.


Do some GS battles in the recent event and you can swap yours by just playing normally.