China Automatic Counting Machine

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This machine is a automatic for for capsules, tablets, soft gel capsules, and pills. counting and bottle filling machine  It is mainly used in pharmaceutical, herbal, food and chemical industries.

1.can be widely used into pharmacy,health care prouducts,food production. It can automatically count the round tablet, irregular shaped tablet, hard capsule, soft capsule , pills, pellet etc.And fill the bottles. 2. Adopted DSP (digital signal processor) control, and the precision rate of accounting and filling can be reached into 100%. 3 Control screen can be adjusted and spined 4.Has 4 filling heads one time can fill 4 bottle.  5.Automatically alarm, when the bottle is vacancy or turn over.  6.Two head to fill the bottles. 7. it is  can be used stand -alone, also can be used  with a complete packaging line. Bottle unscrambler, Paper inserter, Hight Speed capper, Inducation cap sealing machine, adhesive sticker labeling machine.
ApplicationFilled capsule(00-5#)
Soft Gelatin capsule
chewing gum
other solid object under machine range
Hopper Volume40L
Channels quantity48 channels
Capacity180pcs/min depend on the counting number
Filling Quantity2-60000pcs/bottle (adjustable)
Bottle SizeDiameter: 30-75mm
Counting SizeThickness: 3-10mm
Diameter: 3-15mm
Length: 3-25mm
00-5# capsules, soft gels,
ф5.5-12 normal tablets,special shape tablets,
coating tablets,ф3-15 pills
Max diameter 2.8cm round granule
Compressed air0.5-1Mpa
Conveyor Belt Length2050mm
Machine Weight500kg
Machine Size L × W × H (mm)2050 × 1100 × 1400China Automatic Counting Machine
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