Chat text COPY & PASTE

Hi guys my corp has alot of diff nationalities and sometimes i wuld really like to communicate with them better,



I cant copy past the chat text ( i need this for google translate)


really appreciate if the devs could change this


or maybe one of you know how this can be done?


not to mention sharing links to stuff like these forums is impossible

Chat log for now.

Perhabs in the future, but there has been no definite answer on the matter.


Plz do it finally!

Suggested this a while ago, still supporting it.


The other day in a PvE, it was one guy left, Russian.  I don’t think he noticed that the rest of us had died.  I had to open up the chat log, figure out what he’d said, then basically ask him to self destruct so we could start again.  PvE has a tendency to go psycho on a last man standing situation.


I’m also supporting a google translate option in game since this is an international game.


such a suggestion has already been forwarded and we will work on improving the chat in the future.