Chat system

make it more usable.

  • deactivate if pressed enter(return) while in chat (regardless if anything is typed) this is currently not done in hangar where the chat stays active

  • chat commands to change chat (eg /1 for Global /2 for Corp /3 for squad)

 – also, use Shift1 for “open English chat” use Shift2 for "open Corp chat and use Shift3 for open Squad chat

  • place battlelog somehere else and make it optional

  • implement a button to hide/show chat (transparent always there, when pressign enter (or shift1,shift2,shift3 it becomes solid)


the current chat is a pain

good ideas

forwarded to Devs - thank for the input

What would be good is that you could expand the chat to a small window/box in the left lower corner.

Then it would be easy to choose there between system/team/personall chat.

I especcially miss the last option cause it would be nice to be able to send someone an ingame message/chat.

I use this a lot in other games.

Silly me, yust discovered it! Was it always there?

I guess you miss a lot as a new player…

perhaps color code the text we are typing to match the chat we are about to post to.  that way I have some warning i’m about to post to public chat vice group, seems it would be a simple solution till they can implement more advanced chat commands