chat penality

Hi, I’m Arkange VP, the only French active corporation in Star Conflict.

Most of us don’t speak english or russian or other language in vocal, so we have to find people who know speak french in vocal.

We can’t invite, as some russian or english corp, all players without corp that we meet in battle or in open space. It would be unfair to them if do not speak french.

So, we must send from time to time, a message to invite all interrested person to contact us and we give them discord link, we speak with them and we invite them in our corp.

So, today, I am now banned in chats, because, I suppose, someone estimated I spammed too much french in english and french chats. Do you think, really, that to send a message no more than every 1h30 is SPAM ?

If yes, could someone tell me what is the authorized frequency to avoid this? Once, twice or three times a day?

Also, I can “understand” for English chat, but why French chat ??? Almost nobody speaks on french chat, but I know that I can find new players there !!! If nobody speak on French chat, who does it bother if I do?

And more, I’m also banned from whisper chats, and I can’t even send a normal message! Do you think I spam theses 2 chats also ?  Please tell me how I can speak with new players ? And as if by chance, I needed to speak with three of them today… Fortunately mates in corp helped me to contact them.

Please be more fair, next time !



It should be lifted by now, please be mindful of how many invites you post without interacting with anyone, some may see it as a bot activity and report it. Another way would be to change the message a bit from time to time.