Chat panel Improvements

 I don’t know why chat panel closed at game start ,If SC multi player online game  I believe it should start open , anyone wants to close they can click for it.


Tab system doesn’t work in my opinion . if I’ll see corp messages on general chat what is the point of tabs than? My corp talks , and talks a lot so I miss so many white text between yellow texts may important. If I’m on general tab I shouldn’t see corp  messages. And send many messages to wrong channel , it often happens everyone.


 Colored text good but one color missing , where is the opponent messages color? I wold like to say gg mate  or run baby . I think only way to archive that usage of command line default like  /g  hi (white general text hi)  /o bye (red general text bye) something like that , its not new but still useful.


 I know many games run on chat panels on different server , i don’t know SC use internal or external server but I believe this game needs more local channels. Which means you have to open chat server for many languages same as game ui .   I don’t think translating game texts to another language so hard , why don’t you give players a game their own language  in worldwide? there are many game company’s doing that in return they made tons of money from another country and taxfree. There are many people who don’t know English or Russion I saw many players from my country asking me what is that how work this what effects , they learn many things from hard way , they cant use  chat either.


 Another question to admins , where are your chat admins?  Currently SC chat system freezone…


thank you for the suggestions.

One of the chat moderators is usually around. Report the violating players and we will look into it.

Best Regards


 Hello again , if there is an admin usually around he is watching tv or something…  Players able to write everything without autocensor , there are many kids who don’t understand its a game and like insulting ppl.  I dont know why but %90 first Russian language pm comes , I reply with ‘‘English please’’ , than English language insults starts…  Why Russian people love insult others?  Because it is a Russian game and you feel like you are the kings here ?   If someone say to me this things on real life I’ll send them hospital  I dont care where are they from …  You say report them we will look , well I report some of them noone return me yet and I see they are still doing samethings to others, so hard to believe there is some one working for keep chat clean … 


there is a profanity filter in the game settings, if you turn it off you will see all messages uncensored.

There are active GMs and they are looking into each report.

Yeah, I was even banned from chat for some time for calling someone a RACIST xxxx after he called someone a xxxx  :lol:  Too much time spent with stupid SJWs made me sarcastic.

Why are words censored like night or sniper? Strange words are censored for some odd reason.

Why are words censored like night or sniper? Strange words are censored for some odd reason.

Please report all strange words to me so we can take a look into it.