Chat-box: You cannot contact a specific player, unless if you add him to friends or follow list first!

I got a serious issue, like all other players.

It needs to be addressed ASAP.

I would also like to ask to incease (double) the limit on friends, follow and ignored list.



This issue occurs, when two following conditions are met.





Person is not in your Friends or Follow list.

I know that names are “case sensitive”.

Problem is that even if you type someone’s name correctly, it will say that the ID of the user is wrong.


Screenshot: (proper persona not recognized, unless if added on friends or follow list first)




I can type in the global chat:



Issue 1 :

This name is correct and it’s case sensitive.

If I have it on follow list, it is good, but only, if such player is online, since he can see and read my message in the chat.

if he isn’t, I can still (private) message him, though he or me won’t receive any messages, which is counterproductive. I may, or may not know, that he is offline, since I am not notified.


Issue 2 :

This name is correct and it’s case sensitive.

If I have it DO NOT have it on my follow list, it will say this:

Unknown nickname, you haven’t met this person during this session.

This is untrue, since the name is correct. Chat-box will not allow me to put names of people, which I do not have in my FRIENDS list or my  FOLLOW list.

This is clearly a bug or lack of programming features.


Issue 3 : (related issue)

If your friends list and your follow list is full, you cannot even add more friends, because there is an imposing limit on such list.



Thank you, Skula1975






ye it’s stupid that way lol. 

Not a bug