Charge Accumulation Flip

With all the hubbub about charge accumulation and accumulation mechanics, I might as well throw in my two cents. Anyone remember the old shotgun mechanics that gathered “bullets” over time when you weren’t shooting? Well I say make that a thing again with kinetic weapons. Instead of having to manually “load” charges before firing, the weapons should automatically be loading up while not in use! This, ofcourse, wouldn’t work with plasma weapons due to overheating issues because it’s, well, plasma. But bullets shouldn’t be a problem.

Summary: Accumulate charges for kinetic weapons while they are not in use, not during use.

For example, on the phaser, the energy ball would need no charging and then after the energy ball you get the sniper projectiles. Except the concept would be for the gauss.

Am I understanding this correctly?

No no no no no…

Kinetic weaponry only. Namely those with charging mechanics. (Past and present)

I only brought up plasma weaponry because of charge accumulation in Hail Plasma.

I mean (using Gauss Cannon as an example) that as soon as you warp in, your main guns are accumulating charge, then it will take a single click to fire the accumulated charges, then it will have to accumulate again, but you can still fire, just the non-accumulated bolts.

*not using main weapon: accumulating charges with no player interaction.

*using main weapon: previously accumulated shots are fired, then single-shots until you stop using it.

////////Phaser is unchanged. I like the Phaser as it is. Phaser is good. Phaser is fun. Phaser is love. Phaser is life.

I see what you mean, but it would quickly become OP.


Basically you are suggesting that your gauss charges up, without overheating, and you don’t have to  hold down to charge?

Of ourse the accumulation period would be balanced out by a reduction in max heat capacity, but only that of one full accumulation. If it takes 2 seconds to fully accumulate, 2 seconds will be taken off of Max heat to account for and balance this.

And I have never used Gauss before today. I like it. But all this talk about accumulation made me remember the good ol days of the shotgun that accumulated more charges (up to 6(8?) shots) per full charge. Like it would shoot one bullet per turret with no accumulation, but like 4 each on a full charge. It was so amazing and I want it back…

Like a spring that coils up continuously until you hold the trigger. If you keep holding the trigger then the spring will be uncoiled until you stop holding the trigger.

I like the idea because you but with the current OP strength of the Guass Cannon it would be more OP. Being at automatically full strength would be too much. Also, it would be too similar to the Assualt Railgun except with a powerful first shot.

Okay. Toss out any personal ideas of what you think I’m saying. Just take the current gauss Cannon and flip it upside down. Instead of click-charge-shoot, it’s charge-click-shoot, with a minor nerf to heat-up time.


Ahhhh! Come to me, my love!! *runs in slow motion to the old gun*

Fav part about the old guns: “No overheating.” X3 This and RF Plasma were my main weapons of choice~

The old shrapnel cannon was more or less exactly like this.


Just it did not require you to hold down to charge.


Instead of more bullets it had a smaller spread.


I was good, I hated it.

hmn, I do see this to be OP fast


the required preparation time is a disadvantage of accumluation and compensates the dmg increase


please elaborate further

how about following: keep everything as is with 1 small change, namely when the gun is charged, freeze the overheating. you could hold the charge until you want to shoot it and the overheat stays at the same level. when you fire, the overheat starts to lower unless you start getting another charge, then the overheat continues building up. and if you just fire it like semi automatic, well, theres no change in that really. am i clear enough about explaining it? i think it will more or less have the desired effect of holding on to a charge without making it op and avoid building up heat at all. right now when i use say gauss and i charge a shot, the enemy gets in cover and i have to shoot in space so i dont overheat and the process begins from start.



why is this in the background  it’s a website for cheats from what i see when i opened it