Chaos Marines {cm}

Hi im the leader of chaos marines we are looking to move here we have played space games before ive played black prophecy but unfortunatly it started dieing.ive also played free lancer and x3 terretial combat all fun games i hope this game is enjoyable.

Welcome to Star Conflict and I hope you and your clan really enjoy this game.

See you in Space.

i hope to have some serious fun i cant wait for beta

hi there welcome to the forums who knows i may join if i cant find a gd clan :smiley:



lets see what to do ima go watch bleach or something

lol the new Ep. for bleach aint out yet :smiley:

thats what the internet if for :stuck_out_tongue:

no im serious its not out yet its out today at around 17:00 on any dub site it airs on adult swim then it has to be uploaded to a bleach fan site like dubhappy or so COME On 250

I am here to serve The lords of chaos

good good

we have a site as well