Change To The 'Special module: Raid Phase Shield' on the Guard Frigates.

I’d like to suggest that the defense be reduced from 150 points to 120 and in return it gains this buff–


Special Module: Raid Phase Shield

Increases shield’s resistance to the chosen type of damage by 120 pts.

Upon absorbing the chosen type of damage, the ship’s shield regeneration is increased by

25% (or up to 50%) for 5 sec.


This will be more in tune with what the other module variations do, and it will be a nice addition. It will also be a nice special module to go along with the 12c implant. (Neuroaccelerator “SR - PRO” +25% shield regeneration when the ship is below 50% speed)

While the current module is useful, I believe this will be more-so. 

Why? because 30 more points of shield defense for a single source isn’t worth it. 80, bringing it to 200, was, but now it’s better off being reworked towards shield regeneration since the defense was deemed too much.

30 pts of resistance on a GUARD to a single resist type is ALOT

It’s not a lot in percentage points. Those points are worth less the higher they go.


[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/24645-a-guide-to-resistances/)

If you want to build something like the patriarch, its fine. But if you want to build a tankier guard (how ronnin is meant to be), those 30 points are a must for the guard. No matter how i would build the ronnin, i would always choose those 150 resist points without second thoughts.

While that’s well and good, try this on for size.

282 base shield regeneration + 25% from the crew member, and + another 25% from the special module = 423 shield regeneration per second without using your shield regeneration modules. You’ll already have 129 kinetic, 83 thermal, and 110 anti EM (when using the special module to cover EM damages) +12 per enemy lock. You can also further use a multiphase adapter, or a signature masking, or a specter field, Or a command to increase your shield defense in a team. No, the 150 is not necessary. 200 might have been, but 150 is not. 120 is enough. The extra shield regeneration will also be a buff to all three defense types, in a sense. Not to mention, you already get the +30% defense to all damages for it being a special project frigate.


[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/24645-a-guide-to-resistances/)

You do realize that even after reading those graphs that there is a point where regeneration is best mixed in, right? 

Also, it really isn’t worth much, that extra 30. I’ve read those charts before, and I know them well enough to know that there is enough defense already by using other methods and just the base defense itself. 


If an enemy has 3000k damage, and I halve that by 50%, that’s 1500 damage per second. If I regenerate 423 per second, that’s almost 1/3rd of the new damage. Now this enemy is hitting at 1,077 dps. I can further use the shield booster L to bring that even closer to 0. With the every now’n then boost from the emergency and multiphase or signature masking, that number becomes a most satisfying 0 damage. The base shield regeneration ensures that the modules need not be used excessively, and will be used only when they are truly needed. This doesn’t take into account that the enemy is likely dead within a few moments. 2 enemies hitting at 3k ps? it’ll be like only 1 guy is hitting you, and sometimes not even that. 3 guys? well, then we’re getting into where it depends on your positioning. Of course there are always those dps builds, but that’s where skill comes into play. Everything has its limits. Fight alongside a healer, and you’ll be all the better while stacking your shield regen with the engineer’s healing modules. 

If I’m using signature masking at 19.9% reduction, the 1,077 becomes  862.677. 

Feel free to fight alongside a command if you want to stack your base defense. 

To note, I haven’t been taking into account the -30% special project frigate auto damage reduction. :slight_smile:

862.677 becomes - 603.8739 ps.

A single shield booster L will take care of that, for the most part.

The base shield regeneration is also usable outside of battle unlike the pure tank types. The regenerative types don’t have to waste their regeneration modules in this time and they can save them for the battles to come. 

My math isn’t perfect, but there it is, the gist of it.


Your rebuttal is invalid. 


Also, pure tanks are simply waiting for an ecm or command to cancel out their precious modules. At least the regenerative type has one that can’t be shut down. Energy is never a problem with the 7c implant. 

you and your regeneration ideas…


You should see the Jericho dessie :smiley: 1000+ shield regen p/s.

Yeh but it does not sacrifice resistances for it, regen comes on a side.

Regen modules are only good when you can avoid being hit all together, if you get hit- 90% of the time resist modules>volume and regen modules should not be even considered (self exclusive modules)

That’s generally where positioning comes into play, and that shield module thingy, which gives your shield a nice window to regenerate whenever you like it to. You should use passive armors on the hull, however, so that you can regenerate your health and use your active modules excessively. 

Also, you get to keep all of the resists, so there’s no loss. you just get to gain a shield that you can finally regenerate at a decent rate.

Resists are not a problem. It goes without saying that you’ll be using the Jericho special module along with its + shield regen option.


All damages will be defended against at 50%+  on the Jericho Dessie.  use the multiphase, warp, black hole, and any other module to get the most use out of it. module selection is 3 caps, 3 shield, 2 hull on the T4 version. the T5 version will have 3 caps, 3 shield, and 3 hull, allowing it to have some hull defenses alongside that energy regeneration, or simply more energy regen. 


Full Power To The Shields.

Oh god, another year has passed,and yet Wolf is still at zero understanding on how to tank a ship…

I’m pretty sure the only difference is on the dps side. So the tank hasn’t the slightest amount of a problem. It will live longer. 

You hull types are annoyingly picky when it comes to seeing a hull with low defense and suddenly coming to the conclusion that Jericho ships must conform or be considered weak on the defense side. 

Yeah, no

Yeah, yes.

I don’t see many Empire ships supporting decent shield defenses, now do I? Should I do the same?

The hull is the shield for Jericho ships as it is for a shield being the weakest part of an empire ship.

Let’s go ahead and use this old equation -

If an enemy has 3000 dps, and I reduce that by a minimum of 50%, that’s 1500, right? now, if I reduce that further with 1000+ regeneration, than that number is reduced to at least 500 dps. Which can be turned to 0 by using a particular module, and  regenerated back to full really, Really easily.

Or you can go in game and see how much dps ships usually do, and then multiply it by atleast 3-4 cause thats what you will be getting in dessies alot of the times.

Hell a single generator of anomaly (guards) does almost 70 000 dmg a hit to a dessy and you are talking about mere 200-300pts regen gains…

1000+ in all.

I haven’t seen many dessies with the right defense structure, so it’s understandable. those anomalies won’t be a problem, however. 

Also, I’m talking at least 700 regeneration gained, when using the special module. if without it, than 300+ gained.

The two go hand-in-hand, however. We’re not even counting the regeneration gained from a healer yet.

Special module is not a gain, it is there no matter what you chose besides it. It a constant, same with regen from capacitors it is there if you chose it over someghing more meaningfull. Your gain is what reduces your tank - implants r1 and r3, shield and hull slots.

It’s only a constant when you use it. The other modules do less, so it’s part of the build. Also, those that use the others generally simply use the + damage options, among the other buffs. 


Implants are as so - 1c,2c,3c,4a,5a,6a,7c,8a,9a,10c,11b. for later tiers - 12c,13c,14c (in your language - 1J,2J,3J,4E,5E,6E,7J,8E,9E,10J,11F,12J,13J,14J)

There is no loss, only gain from the implants. 


Now you’re starting to make less and less sense. 

The special module is a gain, as you get to not only choose how much it does when you select an option, but as there are options within each special module to choose from. It’s a lot like choosing which passive modules to equip, so no. It is not a constant, unless you choose it to be.

The other special modules have less shield regeneration, btw, so there is a difference.