Change for methods for obtaining rare resources/components

The suggestion I want to make here is that players can select what kind of rare resource/component they wish to drop from the trophy search stage via a form of ‘material collection’ stage. In this stage a player would choose a ship in the tech tree (ie; Archelon) and select it for material collection. 

Once the stage is active the materials/components for that ship will begin dropping from the trophy search stage although other standard drops such as credit loot, common and uncommon resources and kits will still continue to drop alongside the desired material. If a player wishes to stop the material collection stage then they can opt out of the resource. 


Now, I imagine that if this were to be implemented then the option for the material collection stage would be hidden within the right-click drop down menu either on the rank icon or on a specific ship (such as Archelon which I mentioned before) with all available resources defaulted to on at the beginning.


Any opinions/further ideas?



Yes, I know this suggestion is poorly composed… it’s been a while since I made one of these topics

I like a lot the idea. +1

+1 yup that great, as same as in bundle there should be one that will give us for sure the componment or ressouces that we wanted to get

This is similar thread, and it’s actualy has chances to make it

This is similar thread, and it’s actualy has chances to make it

Well, so long as the inflation of the loot pool is fixed before it gets worse  :012j: