Chain mine

-Arc Mine-

Crafted with a single Metal Blank, two Osmium Crystals, and one Computing Chip. Dropped behind the ship like any mine, but upon activation, causes a chain of electricity to flow from one ship to another in a 500m radius. This makes it only really useful in large groups. Each hit causes a small explosion. Deals 2000(previously 2500) EM damage each hit. *Cannot hit the same target twice.*

Tweaks? Additions? Animal sacrifices?

***additions are marked with “*” and changes are made, but the original will be put in parentheses. “()”


-Chain reaction mechanics are always fun to consider

-EM mine is a good idea (there is way too much thermal damage being used atm)

-Good against frigballs/intyballs


-Too much damage: since it can hit multiple ships, the damage needs to be quite small.

-Chain reaction seams quite hard to program…

-Since this is craftable, you will be able to put it on any ship, right? I don’t think this is a good idea. Maybe limit it to recons or cov ops or something

Animal sacrifices:

-a chicken

-a blue whale

-a dodo

Just make an antimatter bomb that has the same effect.  Maybe there could be different damage types (your idea sounds EM, mine is more thermal, and maybe another could send out smaller cluster bombs after the explosion, dealing kinetic).  I like the idea.  It would be good on guards, who work with crowd control.  It’s basically an anomaly generator but spread out between enemies.  I like the idea.

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your idea is good also

Making adjustments…


Adjustments saved.


It can be placed on any ship, but one must remember the current missile mechanics. The amount per cartridge and reload time can be adjusted according to what the devs feel necessary. This will prevent too much abuse. And plus, it a mine like any others. Just stay away and you’re fine.


I accept your chicken sacrifice. Now fetch me Gekalar.

Only the poll is missing!


I don’t dislike the idea but the damage is too high since it will hit a lot of people. You should add numbers when making a suggestion like amount of ammo in the cartridge, cooldown between uses and so on.

Dmg could multiply based on ship proximity and number of ships in the given area.




1000 Base Damage, dealt as a minimum to all ships.  If any ship is more than 200 m from a neighbor, that ship takes half of the described damage.  300 m, One quarter.  350 m+ no additional damage taken, the ship simply takes the base damage and is not figured into the swarm mechanics of the damage.


Damage scales as follows:


1 ship in 500 m radius = 1000 * (100/100)

2 ships in 525 m radius = 1000 * (110/90)

3 ships in 550 m radius = 1000 * (120/80)

4 ships in 575 m radius = 1000 * (130/70)

5 ships in 600 m radius = 1000 * (140/60)

6 ships in 600 m radius = 1000 * (155/45)

7 ships in 600 m radius = 1000 * (170/30)

8 ships in 600 m radius = 1000 * (185/15)

9 or more ships in 600 m radius = 1000 * (200/10)


If you’re not good at math it is as follows:


Ships           Radius       Damage (Each)  Damage (Total)

1                   500 m         1000                         1000

2                   525 m         1222                         2444

3                   550 m         1500                         4500

4                   575 m         1857                         7429

5                   600 m         2333                         11667

6                   600 m         3444                         20667

7                   600 m         5667                         39667

8                   600 m         12333                       98667

9+                 600 m         20000 MAX             180000+


Now, before you start freaking out at the max damage per ship, just look at how many ships have to be within a 600 m radius.  That’s a lot, and it’s extremely unlikely.  And don’t forget, the proximity is a factor in the damage.  Full damage listed only occurs if all ships are within 300 m of a single neighbor WITHIN that 600 m spherical area.  And if the max damage is far too high, then make the base damage 500 or 750.  It has a huge effect on the outcome, ofc.


Anyways, thoughts on this?  Let’s call it the “Hyper-Cooled Antimatter Particle” or something cool like that.

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your idea is good also

I knew it reminded me of something!

I will attach it to the post of Efefay as they are pretty similar

Howabout we make a -NEW- post that contains all of the new mine ideas, then push this up to the devs for evaluation?

each idea is about to have its own topic so its easier to track

each idea is about to have its own topic so its easier to track

But… Adding it to his will make it a double topic… It’s already it’s own topic right here.

So what are the thoughts on my math for the swarm mechanics?  Too much damage, or just right?  I tried to blend several mechanics into the formula for damage.

So what are the thoughts on my math for the swarm mechanics? Too much damage, or just right? I tried to blend several mechanics into the formula for damage.

It would be sorta cool if the damage multiplied like that but that would cause more range than necessary. I like to keep it simple, with the same damage each hit. Unless they can tie some sort of lore in to it, like…

“Unleashes a bolt of energy that was generated using alien technology. Every time this strikes an enemy ship, it takes some of its energy and uses it to multiply its own, causing more and more damage…”

Idk. The more I type the more I like it.


I just figured out how they could program this easily as well! Watch…

“Arc Mine”


“Drops a static mine that, when activated, unleashes a bolt of alien-based energy to attack your enemies in a 500m radius.”

Damage per hit:


Charges in cartridge:




Cartridge reload time:


Activation range:


Continuation range:



Upon activation, it will debuff the target with “energy beam” that deals the set amount of damage, then drains (amount) of energy points over 1 second, and in that 1 second, the buff will look for the nearest allied target within 500m to debuff with the same debuff. If no target is found, the chain stops there. If an ally is found, then the debuff is passed along until it cannot continue any further.

Or the damage could be toned down by A WHOLE FRIGGING LOT and the buff could re-target the initial ally so that the buff bounces back and forth between them, causing damage until they move apart. This would be epic for dealing with frigballs and intyballs. They’d have to move apart to stop taking damage. It could be called the “energy net” instead.


Very interesting mechanics, I only hope such mine won’t be gamebreaking because of details nobody though of. Can’t wait for devs to read this post! Well, I might wait a long time but who cares? :smiley:

the proposa have been forwarded to Devs - they dont have to confirm they read by commenting

Ah…DarkRedFox might have just found the holy grail of breaking up frig balls.  If that damage forces them apart, then that gives other ships the opportunity to break it up

Ah…TheDarkRedFox might have just found the holy grail of breaking up frig balls.