CG cut scene during dread battle announcements?

Since we have to wait for opponents to accept the battle, then announce they are defending, I was wondering if during each of the 4 minute wait times we had a small graphic of our type of ship warping into the sector, and then the enemy ship warping in while they accept the battle. This would be something fun to look at while we prepare for battle.  



I can get behind this idea. SC could use more cutscenes IMO, it adds to the immersion. Maybe even a cutscene at the end of dreads could happen where the damaged, smoking loser’s dreadnought is forced to warp out and retreat.

This could use up the time of a small team of animators, sure! and even post the videos of the cutscenes to youtube post completion so anyone without a dreadnought can see them!

although i do wonder when the cutscene should trigger and to who, for-

  • Attacking
  • Defenders Present/Defending
  • Battle Completion

And, will it be specific, resulting in 3 different cutscenes for “attacking”, 9 for “defending”/“defenders registration” and 9 for “Battle End”?***

or will it be generic cutscenes featuring the two dreadnoughts from the Oculus Rift demo?



*due to 3 different dreadnoughts, and 9 possible ways it can happen. 18 if the battle end depends on win/loss, and 27 if there will be a special animation for a draw dependent on faction dreadnought.

Cutscenes are fairly expensive to make, so we’d be getting this at the cost of something else.

at least i want to see dreadnought blown up when the battle end