Ceo Ability to mute members in corp chat for misbehavior

I would like to be able to mute certain players in corp chat when they bully or disrespect other players.

I would only want this option to affect corp chat only.

This would be incentive to keep certain players from being a bully to other players.


This option would most ideal be added in the right click option on player name.

The mute option should simply be mute or unmute.


I don’t kick people over anger. I always try to resolve the issues.

Muting problem players would be a better alternative to kicking.
This would be an excellent behavior control option for corp ceos.




Up vote this if you think it a much needed option.


well, a CEO and all other leaders should be able to fix this without muting.

If you have an issue with some of your players talk to them or kick them.


If you want to resolve it you may find a solution

As a forum moderator you should be praising behavior modification techniques not criticizing them.
Kicking is the easy way, and should be last resort. I don’t have many tools to work with here. I am just asking for a tool.


Guess only couple of people are doing this in corp but they are bad example to rest of players, talk to them private why they to this.I agree kicking is last resort but sometimes is necessary.

They are great players, but sometimes they really offend people, and it upsets other members. The whisper chat is not working, and I fear I will have to start kicking.

With a player base as small as star conflicts, I really don’t want to be forced to kick decent players only for bad attitude. 

Some people get really heated and they need a few days to “Cool Down” And kicking really does not fit the bill.

Thats why I feel this option is a necessary behavior control option. If the said players don’t like the mute they can simply leave.

If they continue to rage in global chat, a moderator will show them the same treatment. Maybe then they will learn they can’t just act like spoiled little brats.

After all this game’s role playing is based on 3 races, and us being an empire corp, I would think control is part of the role play model for empire.

I agree, more tools should be added for ceo’s and or officers.

I agree that there should be some kind of moderation tool for CEO or Vice Presidents for chat corp.


Although unless you are the CEO of a bunch of kids, it should be easy to solve it without any kind of moderation. Just with words.

This game is for children 12 and up. Seems mostly adults play it. I am not sure thats accurate. I am pretty sure I have a few under 18 or just over, and are not past the teenage mentality.

These problem players are decent at the game. One player will incite another player to rage. Muting the instigator keeps people from watching this ill behavior, and 2 it teaches the instigator to chill.

Much like the gms did when I argued caps was not a mutable offense. I lost the argument, i still feel the the way I feel on it, but its dropped.  This example should allow you to understand what i am trying to do. 

Muting works, and is less harsh than kicking. And thats why this tool needs to be implemented. I think only the vps and the ceo should have access to this function.


Either way, there are children who play this game. Children if nothing else will need some behavior modification from time to time.
A harsh punishment such as kicking may not be the best approach.

@residente I am sure nearly every corp in this game has at least 5 under 18 at one point in time. 

ok, even if I personally do not like to see it, I forwarded your proposal to the Devs


Thank you for the input

Totally agree with that, i was vps in my corp until i decided to quit due to the behaviour of some members. Tried everithing: talkin’ to them several time (even in ts), no result. Ignored them to “send a message” (hope they will understand why i’ve done it) → no result. Opened a forum to show them some advice, guide etc… Still they raging in chat (this situation goes for months). A simple “mute” would solve that i think.

Still they raging in chat (this situation goes for months). A simple “mute” kick  would solve that i think.


Still they raging in chat (this situation goes for months). A simple “mute” kick  would solve that i think.


Yep, but my old corp was the only one formed by all italian player. We don’t kick nobody, simply aggregate all people speaking our language. 

Lack of a mute button killed my corp.

I see you deleted the post, but fyi. 


It wasn’t me.

You have admin rights and delete post as you choose, but you can’t delete my inbox. The quote was copy/pasted from my inbox, and was here briefly. You Deleted it before I finished replying. Like I said there is no honor here. Just lies and deceit.

Seriously, who cares?

Suggestion has been forwarded.