Center the mouse on spawn

Please make it so that when you warp in to the battlefield, your mouse is centered. Right now, on wobbly interceptors it take away a couple seconds sometimes to get in control.

+1. I always get really bad lag during the first few seconds of the first match, and sometimes when the lag clears I see my frigate facing the wrong way.

i see no plus on fasz’s post. Why do people say +1 put don’t click the upvote button? 


+1 now i should see +2

Writing +1 is free.

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be aware that you are still invulnerable the first 5 seconds after respawn as long as you not fire or use modules


This should be enough time to orient yourself


Especially as the spawns are always at the same point

But you still lose time you should not.

Tell me if im hallucinating but i think i just saw a 4 man squad in t3 with recons warp behind our spawn and started shooting at the ships that spawns 0.0

You got my +1.

It isn’t a bad thing I can’t stop being annoyed by it though.

I could see if it took a few hours to fix it wouldn’t be worth the time. Though you should just be able to set the camera angle to 0 degrees for each ship at the actual spawn time rather then then when you warp in.