Casual US-TZ PVP corp recruiting (TYREL)



New casual US-TZ PVP corp ‘Tyrell Corp (TYREL)’ looking for members. We have a private TS3 server.


We currently fly mostly T2/T3 ships and will progress naturally over time. We are active but very casual players. No one cares about kill numbers/ratings/whatever – it’s a game and we use it to unwind, not get wrapped up in stats.


The only requirement is that players are mature and capable of teamwork when we’re playing together.


Reach out to ‘Schmed’, ‘Enik1’ or ‘FeydRautha’ for an invite. Or post here and we will reach out to you.

Still recruiting. We got a bunch of active (and good) PVPers and we’ve moved well into the top 100 corps in just a few days. So although we don’t really care about numbers, we’re doing well enough to appeal to people that do.

Up to 12 members and we’re ranking pretty well. Some people are doing PVE to make money so if that’s your thing you will have company. Most still do PVP and we’re doing mostly T2 and T3 now, although a few still tool around in T1.


We have members in all US timezones and a private TS3 server – so members are asked to be on comms during squads.


Maturity and the ability to tolerate other adults making inappropriate comments/jokes on comms is required. Reach out to Enik1, Schmed or FeydRautha for an invite.

Hey there,



I’m in US west coast and lookin’ for a corp.   I have TS3, and currently flying pimped out T2 Federation/Vanguard ships.  I tend to grind PvE for money and PvP for fun. . . starting to save for T3.  Hit me up in game!

Hi I just started playing yesterday and I’m looking for a group of casual guys to fly with on TS3/Vent. Hit me up in chat later tonight!

Hello, I was talking to FeydRautha (Changed name from Twysted(numbershere) I flew around with him a bit tonight in a squad said he had to talk to the CEO and stuff so thought I would post here to let myself be known.

Sorry guys, recruitment is closed. No one in the corp is really active at this time. The game is not going in the right direction for us to put any time into it.

I am looking for a good, easy going corp to join.  About to hit T3 (1 rank away).  Look for me in game as JHawke.

I am thinking after the game is released and they’ve straightened out the tier matching (should be all the same tier), added many more types of maps (not just 4) we will revisit the game. Right now, it’s boring with the same 4 maps and poor matchmaking.


For those that were in our corp, “It was fun!”.