Hey there I would like to suggest a new ship. CARRIER class. It would have weapons only missiles and will fight with other ships with its robodrones. Mannnny robodrones. It will be of leviathan klass and wil be veryyy slow. And it will have to sub-classes healer or killer. Robodrone heal or kill.

This is more of a space shooter than a simulator so that suggestion of yours will probably not happen anytime soon.

2 hours ago, ORCA1911 said:

This is more of a space shooter than a simulator so that suggestion of yours will probably not happen anytime soon.

Why so? If you have seen world of warships there is class of aircraft carriers you can make something like that or just make one of the destroyers carrier. Elidium destroyer for example with many crystal warriors on it that when you fight will get out of it and kill everyone)))

No carriers please, it would break the balance the same way destroyers did.


If you like bigger ships either fly destroyer or seccon.

The balance wount be broken it will make more interesting command battles it woul be like flagship. And also the ship of the leader. I even can offer make its appearance connected with the Open Space.

then go play dreadnought. I think I can speak for most of the community, we do not need any bigger pilotable ships.

What QA is trying to say, this game is like counter strike so putting a tank in it makes no sense and the game becomes something entirely different then. Automated carriers are a total no-go in this game because of that automated and drone part. If we ignore the current small jokes implemented, this game is highly skill based and if something does not require skill to operate yet kills everything in its path it does not fall into that skill based description unless once you launch a drone, you are operating it as a ship and the main ship gets parked wherever it is while you fly the drone yourself. That would be the only way a carrier could be implemented in this game which in turn does not make it a carrier much in the end.

The Idea of controllable jets is better and crystal warriors will be better))elydium carrier))

    [@LevaPapik](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/259912-levapapik/) As Orca said, adding a bigger ship with increased health pool would be like letting a Tirpitz loose on a PT Boat party. On top of that, passive modules would be way too distorted on the carrier parameters - currently destroyers face a low level of distortion already - and that would generate way too much work to keep it balanced if we could achieve balance at all. 

    Unless you want to be a bigger target with 4 turrets and only 10% to 20% more health, which would make that class under effective and a liability rather than an asset during matches, I think the idea is unlike to be added.  

    About the drones, I am certain it will not be implemented, Devs call SC a shooter, so the best you can expect are primaries with a slight homing capability ( Re’Thar’Du, Scatter gun and the new Thal’Al’Wow launcher).

    And I have a GTS 250, don’t suggest “mannnny drones” man, it’s graphically intensive. I can’t handle.