Captain does not DC in Combat Recon

I was really frustrated to get DC’d due to innactivity as the Captain in Combat Recon. I was sitting back, drinking a beer, watching my map to make sure no one was coming close to me, when I got DC’d and some random fighter on my team was made the captain. By the time I reconnected the captain was dead and the rest of my team getting killed -_-

Yeah, I feel your pain bro. A couple of patches ago, the game mechanic looked at stats and picked the captain in hopes that, that player would be better suited. Needless to say, I was captain almost 7 times in a row in every combat recon.


They will change the game mode, im sure of it. When they will change it is another matter.


A simple voting system and an anti DC for captains is a good suggestion though.

The main problem with this particular mechanic is it seems to chose players to replace the disconnected captain regardless of their current HP, proximity to nearby enemies, or anything else for that matter.  


One particularly memorable occurrence of this was when our initial captain disconnected, passing the buck to the interceptor that had been suicidally charging at the enemy team for the entire game.  Naturally, right at this moment his emergency barrier had just gone up and he had absolutely no means of escaping the enemy fleet he was currently smack dab in the middle of.


I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.

I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.


Thats truly unfortunate, A moment of silence for that pilot…AND WHERE BACK!