Capacitor Slots

Can we please generalize these slots, and add a stacking debuff to them. so that for example someone can do

shield regen, x 5

in the spots.

and if its






Total: 200%

then it go’s like






Total: 138%

so that 5 of the same mod are not over powered, but viable.

this will help diversify builds.

It’s a nice idea, but this would need a lot of rebalance for the modules.

If ou would take 5 of the speed modules it would make the Interceptors “unhitable”.

Or you just take as many shield regeneration with you so noone could bringt down your shields.

that’s why it needs an internal reduction on stacking the same mod. This would vastly improve the games diversity. the modules balance is very easy.It could also potentially resolve problems like ceptors dying to fast because of bad tank etc.

but a change like this can make it go from being good to being great.

imagine 5 resistance mods on a ceptor, around 65 more resistance (well its 100 with no reduction) would help alot.

another option to internal nerf algorithm is to make the slots reduced to 4, instead of 5. or something like this, although i still feel the internal mechanic should be added, its the best option against stacking the same stuff.

It’s a good idea, but we first need to see how much it would influence the balance and how much rework would be needed for the modules.

The modules already need to be reworked. Might as well vamp the skill tree (in progress) then vamp the mods.

we all know it needs to be done, lets create these sort of changes that diversify and make the game great, then sit one time and balance all the mods out.

from there its smooth sailing.