Capacitor - Explosion Cosmetics

Morning, everyone!


This morning, when I was using my Grizzly (I aggressively retrofitted it so it now has 3021 max. Energy and 416 Energy/s to compliment its “Commitment 13”; I can restore 18126 Shield pts in the blink of an eye, with 29.6s CD), and as I observed a bomb blowing up, an idea sparked in my mind. What if the more power your capacitors contain when your ships blows up, the more “explosive” the explosion? For example, when the ship’s capacitor has less than 10% power when it blows up, it has little or no lightning flickers when it explodes. For 11-30% a few flickers of sparks or lightning can be seen; At 31-59%, a small bomb-like explosion can be implemented; at 60-89% flickers of lightning are more abundant, and a few weak ones can strike nearby ships (both allied and enemies; but this is purely cosmetic, no damage is dealt). At 90-100% capacitor charge at death, a large bomb-like effect, likewise when a station is detonated by a bomb, huge flickers of lightning can be seen emanating from the ship’s debris, and smaller ones can be seen striking nearby ships and rebounding off and striking other ships, also known as chain lightning.


What do you think?

I would love this so much

I vote for this , and explosions which depend on the damage.