Can we please get rid of this bot.

I have reported him many times.  Its driving me a bit batty.




Every game this user gets no points : He looks like he auto mates his ship to fire every couple seconds just sitting there for the other team to kill him.  All that automation for a banned account. Noice.


The video proof with some good tunes to help you watch.  Sorry about the quality guess I need some new video editing software.

I’ve seen these before. At most they get a temp-ban and continue their botting…

Probably he just doesn’t like the violence? :001j:  

^ I found another bot…

The bot of doooooooom :smiley:

Obligatory gif


More than likely he is helping his Corp mate get his x 2 win. I’ve seen other similar dirty tactics by scorp players, though not that often.

Thanks we will look into it.