Can we get to select whatever game mode we want to play?

Seriously, can I select what I want to play?


This new Detonation mode, I don’t like for example. It is just a mess. Don’t want to play it till some stuff is sorted out.


Or, I really don’t like playing Combat Recon on T1, since the captain could be a clueless person.

Seriously, can I select what I want to play?


This is a good thing for me, now i can make my team of 3 interceptors.

Read what I wrote again. You don’t understand what I’m saying.

sry, I thought you were mocking

Detonation? Combat Recon? I didn’t even knew these existed. How do you play those?

 there are 3 play mode (random which will be) in pvp:

Domination = capture and defend the beacon

Recon = Team death match with a randomly selected captain in both team. While the cpt. alive, there is no respawn limitation, after he dies there will be no more respawn for the team.

Detonation= this is the new one. Bombs spawns in the map. Get them and attach them to the enemy beacons

Currently this is not possible.