Buy DLC Packs With GS

So currently we can buy bundles of ships with GS as well as other purchases.


GS can come mainly from the DLC bundles or direct purchase.


Why not allow for the DLC packs to be purchasable with GS? The way I see it working is an extension of the “Pro Tools” section of the armory where you can purchase the DLC along with the ship bundles. The DLC would, of course, have the GS bonus removed.


This is just a way to simplify the DLC purchasing system so that people can top up their wallets to get a DLC pack without having to spend the full $60. It might not be too good for earning money, though, which is my main worry about this suggestion.

You do realize that would end up costing you even more money than just buying the DLC? If this were implemented, you would have to buy more money’s worth of GS just to buy a DLC. (For example, you’d probably have to buy $60-$70 dollars worth of GS just to get a $50 DLC).

It is not planned to change the prices of DLC or to spit the content in the bundle. However, there are deals where you can purchase DLC with a significant discount.