Buff vs. Kill Bonus // Kill Bonus in General

  1. If your kill reward would be smaller than your buff reward then the higher value shell count or both


Issue: U have a full buff assist, but u have done the final kill or a little bit of damage…

Instead of the 20 you get for buff you not get 20 but the 3 for assist…


Conseqence: If u cannot do massive damage to the target, do not shoot it, just fly around with buffs


Reason for Change Suggestion: Abnormal Game behaviour rewarded…


  1. Reward killing an enemy


Right now its way more rewarding regarding synergie gain, to damage.


Nevertheless the kill is way more important than masive hurting someone that flys back to engee…and nothing

Just the kill makes the reward possible, but its not rewarding…


Suggestion: Anyone doing damage in the 2 Seconds before the kill gets the kill regarding bonus and DSR


  1. DSR

Issue: Many people just play for DSR, which leads to not going for game objectives but loosing the game cause avoiding any risk.


Suggestion: You just can gain DSR if you win the match. Increase the DSR gain on winning. You loose DSR if you win and loose the game


this way its impossible to just fly around ignoring the objectives to play for DSR and destroyng the game for the others