Broken modules affect the balance of the game (e.g. T3 cruise engine modification)

I’m still seeing some tacklers flying over 600m/sec in T3 PVP. And the T3 cruise engine modification can still be found in the hanger if you purchased any before the previous patchs. 


These broken modules (newbies can’t buy) seriously unbalance the gameplay. New players whose lack of skills have to face pilots not only more exprienced but also have exclusive modules installed on ships. Even an old player like me feel sorry for them… 


This is not fair. 


So, devs, please remove these broken modules from the game and compensate those who have brought them long ago. 




PS: By the way, I think that curise engine modification should be appare to T4 ships. Since T4 ships are put into the same quene as T5. 

There are still T3 Lightweight Hulls and Submatter Shields. You wanna get rid of the ~5k of those modules, as well? The devs didn’t do it at the time, they’re sure as hell not doing it now.

I agree that broken modules should be removed from the game. Good thing that Cruise Engine is pretty ok so it can stay without problems.

cruise engine is not broken. Sure you can fly 700m/s but turn speed turn you into very easy target. Tried it, flew 2 battles and returned to good ol 489 speed with rotating speed of unmodded Swarm.

Cruise engine is fine.  That speed you get renders you useless in a dogfight.  So you can run away and survive more, but you are less helpful to your team.  All in all very balanced, although personally I have yet to find a use for it (there is another thread somewhere discussing this).

Cruise engine is only really good for amazingly niche builds. Get in, shoot once or twice, get out. You lose all dogfighting ability, so interceptors can chase you out pretty easily. Your energy stability is really hard to maintain, so an ECM is double bad news. A single tackler can spot you overextending and make you regret ever thinking you could get out again. The only folks I’ve seen actually use the thing well are OWL. Other than that, it’s pretty much just an “oh, flying through invasion normally takes forever” module.


Also, is it really gone from T3? Aww.

I had a strange feeling this would happen. Luckily I saw the trend with Lightweight hull and Submatter shield, and bought a T3 Cruise before they removed it.


Mu ha ha ha ha haaaaa!

Nice, then i’ve another ancient module in my hangar… I’ll make a museum when i have enough. :smiley:

Nice, then i’ve another ancient module in my hangar… I’ll make a museum when i have enough. :smiley:


You should build a ship using only discontinued modules.

You know we are only talking about the 2% here that have those modules. How can only a small part of the community ruin balance…half those people dont even use them…