(BRM) Black Rose Militia

BRM is an English speaking corporation accepting of all those with English speaking skills, not to mention we are fairly new and growing as we work in the Jericho alignment. We have various ways to stay in contact with one another, a nicely paid for Vent room as well as a website to keep people up to date on recent happenings. In game we like to focus on PvP though will do PvE when asked or when other members wish to work on such. Only accepting a mature audience we wish for our members to have fun and relax without any trouble and to enjoy the game we all play together. After all,  What good is an mmo to play if you don’t have fun with friends?

welcome to the conflict guys good luck and good hunting see you in space

Welcome :slight_smile: See you in space :slight_smile:

Thank you, good luck as well and so far the hunting has been good. 

Welcome from The WolfPack - see ya out there :slight_smile:

What do you have to do to apply to this corporation?