Bring back rare drops

And by rare drops I mean those weird, super-powerful or super-not modules and weapons that you could loot after battles like the Military modules and “Experimental” modules. Though instead of just bringing back those, implement them as genuine rare drops from both loot spots after battles in PvP and PvE, -and- in Invasion.(though much rarer here)

There is plenty that you could do with this addition and it would make a clever alternative to those awful “upgrade kits” that were implemented a while ago. It wouldn’t be over the top hard to make, and it would still fit in right along side the upgrade kits, just instead of giving you an upgrade, it gives you an actual module or weapon or something of the like. There could also be rare ship parts for crafting ships that would normally be unavailable to buy through other means.

This would be relatively self-balancing, as anyone wether newbie or expert would have an equal chance of getting one from a drop.

What I want people to gain through this is a reward for those who actually play the game, and not just buy their way to the top. This would (probably) not cause too many balance issues, and if it did, I’m sure that a quick tweak would set everything right back in its place. ^^

They got replaced. White items got old power of Mk.II items, now green has military items strength, experimentals are purple. Sell kits or salvage them for materials if you dont want them.


I dont see much difference between getting already green items or green kits, but getting already purple things could cut off the grind, but reduce amount of GS upgrades to blue (why waste GS if you can get stronger item from drop?).

So, inb4 “NO”.

Rob, I know how upgrade kits work. They are irrelevant. I only mentioned them because of the similarities in my suggestion.

Although I miss the old experimental modules, I won’t say I miss the old looting system however since back then the only thing that made them so rare was that the looting system was based upon so much RNG and there was also the whole thing that you could get no loot at all.

As I mentioned in the Op. These would be added alongside the current system. Variety makes all the difference. ^^

lol. NO.

Consideration is the first step towards any progress~

Considering something which was removed for a good reason is not necessary.

Military and Experimental already have their equivalents. Military back then is Mk2 now. Experimental then is Mk4 now. I know this cuz my Mk4 T3 coils I have now were experimental back then, they just became mk4 when the system changed.

Idgaf what they -used- to be.

Kits will always suck and getting something worth-while every few hundred loot spots seems nice.