Bring back all-rank contracts

Since their removal some time ago, players who do not play T5 often are restricted from levelling up any of their gear with any moderate pace. This is a serious problem and must be addressed before any other content is added. Economical structures are dependent on the ability to gain any given resource dependently, and since none of the T5 missions can be completed in anything but PvP, this means that they are completely and utterly undependable. This isnt the only reason that not having other rank missions is bad, but it is definitely one of them. Some players simply do not like T5. Their favourite ships may not be in it, or they may not see themselves as fit for it. And it is certainly anything but balanced. T3 PvP may not be completely balanced either, but it sure is a step up from T5. And T4 is just nonexistent now. Kinda silly, but that’s irrelevant.



Yea being forced to do contracts “of the maximum available rank from any side of the conflict” really sucks, my highest tier right now is a rank 9 tackler and the mission I got is getting 60 kills, which is quite hard with the Thar’ga spam. Additionally I don’t really want to do PvP in it.

Funny is that they complete on any rank if you fly Thar’ga, because its always max rank in Ellys.