Breaking the language barrier, kinda.

So, with the trading system we are in an impasse when communicating with other people, since all the languages are grouped up in there you are bound to have problems communicating with people, a simple solution would be using google translate, but getting the text you want to translate in there will be the issue, you could try changing your keyboard to russian and typing out everything until you get the word, but a more convenient method would be highlighting the text in chat and emails, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V into the translate, that would save a lot of hassle, we can already do this in the chatbox in which you type, but not the words in the chat that had already been sent. I tried Ctrl+A to see if it works, to no avail, maybe there is something I’m missing, if not then this should be added immediately.

The trade is probably going to be upgraded to a listing kind of sales so this feature wont be necessary as much i guess.

I mean you can go to logs and find them, but it’s a bit of a hassle. But didn’t someone make a tool which automatically translates Russian to English from the logs? I seem to remember it being a WPK guy a few years ago. Hmm, I’ll try to find it.


Edit: There we go. I found it thanks to google, not thanks to this xxxx forum search function which doesn’t work at all. 

I’m not sure if it still works and it doesn’t look like it’s been updated recently. Might be worth a try though for trading purposes!