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Queria saber se a equipe do star conflict pretende lançar o servidor aqui no brasil, isso melhoraria muito a gameplay do pessoal da região sul do continente, eu consigo jogar mesmo com 200 de ping no servidor NA, mas creio que se trouxesse uma filial aqui no brasil isso iria passar para 30 de ping no mínimo e melhoraria muito as gameplays
Ainda pretendem lançar um servidor no brasil? Se sim, já tem data estimada?


I would like to know if the Star Conflict team intends to launch the server here in Brazil, this would greatly improve the gameplay of the people of the South region of the continent, I can play even with 200 ping on the NA server, but I believe that if you bring a branch here Brazil this would pass to at least 30 ping and would greatly improve the gameplays
Still intend to launch a server in Brazil? If so, does it have an estimated date?

I’ve made the suggestion to host servers in South America before as well. Brazil would be the best place to host a server in the south.

Most southern american players are from Brazil?


P.S.: Thats no distance to antarctica, so give Star Conflict to antarctic players, too!!

I can name several players from Brazil, Argentina and other South American countries who could do with a server to play on. Their connection minimum ping to US server is over 200

Yes!!! São Paulo!!! I’m Londrina, Paraná, Brazil…  São Paulo is the best data center and nice ping to everybody in south america!

Either São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.

The other thing is, we would need someone around that area to manage the server properly.

We have some players from South America in Corporacion Hispana. They could be really happy with something like this.

There are interesting informations revealed in international cable maps, see Greg’s Cable Map.

What’s most astonishing is to me that there is actually a land-cable through south america (Argentine to Chile). Besides that south america is interconnected through sea based cables.


That picture so tiny i had to use this xd


Also more servers more fun! now the logistics behind that…

For a bigger picture use the link, pls. -> get you to an interactive map.

On 14/02/2017 at 2:31 AM, comunista1996 said:

Yes!!! São Paulo!!! I’m Londrina, Paraná, Brazil…  São Paulo is the best data center and nice ping to everybody in south america!

Rio grande do Sul pro amigo aí da antártica resolveria também um pouco, acho que deixaria nosso jogo em 60-30 ping, São Paulo também é uma ótima metrópole pra isso.

Rio Grande do Sul for the friend of the Antarctic would also solve a bit, I think it would leave our game in 60-30 ping, São Paulo is also a great metropolis for that.