boulders and terrain

Some boulders/rocks or whatever you want to call them are not that big.


It would be great to have smaller rocks come of when the rock is pounded with missles and other heavy weapons. Those smaller rocks can then have negative effects to the ship when you collide with them (damage).


That wouldn’t only make it more realistic but also make players think twice before unloading missles at them or players hiding at them.


I would consider this change not important, maybe when someone has a spare minute to look into it if that is feasible. Balancing the game and fixing MM are more important at the moment.

Something like this would create a MASSIVE load on a servers, they aren’t even making “floatable” big asteroid because of that, so unless this game is super rich and able to fund enormously expensive servers, I don’t see it happening

Save this for well… Never


This is a nice idea and we already had some other nice suggestions which were pretty equal. It would be really amazing eye candy, but sadly it would also increase the system requirements a lot and we want to keep them as low as possible.