Bot Tweak

It appears that the way bots “attach” to a specific pilot is simply proximity to them during spawn which usually works fine on the initial spawn.

The problem arises when you have an AFK or an LRF that wont leave spawn. When the bot is killed they then latch on to one of these “less productive” floaters

giving them nice warm space hugs. This causes an even more unbalanced match.


Would it be possible to have the bot “attach” to the pilot with the current highest efficiency, thus making sure the bot/s are respawning with the pilot that is more than likely

completing the objectives?

Bots “latch” at random pilots or, when respawning in Domination/Detonation matches, head straight for the objectives.


I agree they should be helping out more often on the front lines, but they shouldn’t even be in PvP matches to begin with…

I look at it in another in another way …  at least they are not out there being target ducks in a shooting gallery…


  I know what you mean as sometimes when I am in my Jericho LRF I will have an unexpected wingman… who essentially points your location… so you have to move.    and let me add it may not be in just the usual spawn location. 


Also those bots are specifically either another LRF ( sniper) Guard or Engineer   When I do move though to cover another beacon they normally do not follow.    


   I have noticed while flying smaller ships like the recons and hiding behind a beacon ready to drop that smelly stuff that explodes  occasionally I will have a BOT ECM come tag along :00555:   never anything bigger though.   


  Speaking of BOTs…  why is that BOTs in INVASION react just a tad differently than the BOTs in PVP.   It seems that some of the BOTS in INVASION have thier AI set to at least have some sort of evasive moves …   ( though not all)


ALL BOTS are NOT created EQUAL !   

Don’t want bots, play T5

Don’t want bots, play T5

Don’t want bots ANYWHERE in PvP. Period. End of discussion. The bots don’t even help you know what the objectives are, for rookies, they’re utterly useless.

1-2 ok 3-4-5 no need bots

I don’t want bots anywhere. It seems as though we are stuck with them so I’m suggesting a tweak to help balance things. Not everyone has all ships and hopefully there will be new people to the game.

It would be nice that they enjoy themselves wherever they play.  When I play T5 it’s pretty much a break even. I play T3 for the money to buy ships and because it’s more fun.


It seems so many times that bots latch to the AFK’r that they are picking the closest target to join. Maybe not. The hope would be to make the best of what we are stuck with.


Removal of bots would be the first choice.

thank you for your input - forwarded to Devs