Bot AI Suggestions for PvP


For a while now, PvP enjoys bots who sometimes range from completely idiotic to magic aim guys, who seem to come at some players in the wrong situation, sometimes frustrating, sometimes even worthy foes. For T3 e.g. the metagame includes the bot already, keeping the farm ahead of the enemy team, by being the first who shoots the bots meeting in the middle, e.g.
However, the bots sometimes are even unfair, especially if your bot keeps moving idiotic, while the enemy bot suddenly decides to camp as a sniper.
Close matches, where only the bot falls victim to attacks, become exhausting and disappointing.
Also, the bots’ behaviour sometimes just does not show good gameplay and make players follow the same routine as they do.

So I thought about which simple stuff could increase the bots to be fair, and started making notes, these are some of them.
A sidenote: for me it is clear, that bot movement is hard to implement, while actually, bot aim has to be “made sluggish” because otherwise they could become aimbots. So I do not suggest improvements in stuff like pathfinding, instead, more of how a pvp bot in games might be more fun, by increasing their playstyle tactics.

The Bot Setup

  • both teams should get equally skilled AI, with the same ships. Of course, if the MM balances the team by giving a weak team a somewhat stronger bot, I do not know if this is done, they should still not be completely unbalanced and fairly close to each other. I think this part is already established.
  • ideally, both bots should open with the same ship, and engage. Not one of them camping and the other feeding. This sometimes sadly happens.
  • all bots should carry one engi for good example.
  • bots should decide their respawn ship by what the team lacks, so a team without sufficient engis can get an engi bot. Only then, they should take random action, if such checks fail. The random actions could be randomized for both bots in the same array, so if the bot does not react, both bots will follow the same “strategy” of respawns in a completely hypothetically even match.

The Bot behaviour

  • Engineer Bots should not suicide frontal into the enemy team. Instead, they should try to stay in range from the usual “middle point”, searching for groups of players to heal.
  • If a bot follows a player, which they sometimes seem to do, it should break from this player, if he is camping, and move on to a new objective, worst possibly going for a suicide feed run.
  • If a bot follows a player, and that player gives pings, it should lock on targets if its idle which are in its weapon range, and engage, stopping to follow.
  • If a player is pinged by team, and the bot is idle (so still on the way on a minor objective), and secure (not being engaged), and in sight range, it should aim to protect that player for a while.
  • If a bot dies repeatedly, more often than players do, it should try to change its tactics to a more passive and supporting role, if the team is losing (or losing hard)
  • If a team is overly winning however, it should become more aggressive and suicidal.
  • for all other roles than engi, there should be different tactics which however only come into play, if the bot “rethinks” his approach to this particular game, while the engi bot should always be a smart engi bot. E.g. they try to stay with command ships or engineers as guards or commands, etc.
  • Generally however the bot behaviour can stay as it is, for games which are rather balanced.


Now I know, the first thing some people would say is “Stop Bots all together in pvp”. I kinda hope one day, that could be possible. Still, since the bots are there, they should keep the game running, instead of being another obstacle. They should adapt to making the game fair, instead of adding to pressure. However they should also not be completely a pain in the butt, which cost you a deserved victory.

What do you guys think about these suggestions, and which other behaviours would you like to see, which keeps the gameplay still fair?

Or do you actually find bots are fine as they are?

Stop Bots all together in pvp










Remove or at least reduce amount of bots, especially in T1. Half of team there are bots, making very bad impressive for new players.

Stop Bots all together in pvp

Stop Bots all together in pvp













> bots
> PvP


pick one and only one.


Sniper bots should use mine-layers. That would be the evilest thing what I could ever imagine.

Sniper bots should use mine-layers. That would be the evilest thing what I could ever imagine.

Cause they aren’t op enough with lasers?

My suggestion for the AI is that bots:

are transparent,

don’t affect geometry,

don’t have weapons missles or mines,

don’t have a tracked position on map,

and don’t show on match player list.


Honestly, this is such a good idea.


Developers are still happy, they still have bots.

Players are happy because bots don’t have really strange affects on matches.

Sniper bots should use mine-layers. That would be the evilest thing what I could ever imagine.

only when enemy is close enough :006j: 

Cause they aren’t op enough with lasers?



It’s hard over the internet.

g4borg, I really agree with your OP.  Actually, I was about to post a similar idea but found yours :wink:


To me, the issue is that bots just ALWAYS charge the enemy team, and of course, get annihilated.  This is pathetic.  They are supposed to “act” like real human players, but they are just cannon fodder.  Why can’t bots simply stay back and protect against flanking movements, healing/otherbuffs, etc?




  1. Domination - Bots only go to beacons where its teammates are located and don’t still go for beacons when the rest of the fleet has moved on to the next.  Engineer bots seek out the most damaged player (like a moving repair/recharge station).  Command ships seek out the largest group of the fleet to buff their resists/damage (if applicable).  All other bot ships remain in support roles behind the middle of the map.


1a. Team Battle - No bots present.


  1. All other game modes are handled the same way as Domination.


Kinda joking about the last one, but really…not the worst idea for bots to be away from enemies and protecting from other enemy movements.

I am happy, you agree; Albeit I was also happy to see how I helped alex to a nice reputation boost :smiley: :smiley:


To elaborate my thoughts, I do not see the reason to get bots to the level normal players play - yes, smarter movement, not sticking in asteroids, some nice moves, maybe, but this could end in a horror scenario of less agile players having more difficulty with the bots than with players.


And to be honest, sometimes there are battles, where the bot seems to actually pick a very good target, and is very annoying and distracting, especially in an ECM; I sometimes get paranoia, or see the bot actually do smart moves from time to time.


So, the bot factor should not include making the bot play like a player, but to resemble the playstyle of their roles better, since their purpose seems also to teach. This is, why most of the suggestions were about the Engi bot. I actually find it okay, if both bots charge, it keeps battles from turning into camping & evading games, which was a problem in lower tiers in low skill games before they arrived.


However, which ship they take for the charge should be thought about. It’s just a horrible example if a bot charges in an alligator into the middle. Even more horrible sometimes, that bots in T4 sometimes have T2 ships, or bots in T3 sometimes have T4 ships, which makes the bot sometimes a very random factor. Especially horrible, that sometimes the first point of the match depends on what the bots are taking.


They should be seen as part of the metagame, and have their rules and behaviour in a pvp match. They should be helpful and stay a neutral factor at the same time.


I do admit however, that sometimes, if many players are online, and bigger matches could be fought, it wouldn’t hurt if bots are not even present. As a start to have some compromise. But while they are there, they should be balanced aswell, as are maps or ships. In Invasion, they can be as smart as they come, but in PvP games they already have become part of the strategy, therefore also need to be balanced with that in mind.


That’s why i did not write or propose any “deeper” strategic behaviour, but of course, why should a bot not start to act smarter each time you remove him, especially if he is trying to help a clearly outgunned team? (However at the same time, it should also not turn into “keep the enemy bot alive” tactics)

Since however I could live with them gone aswell, I would also not want to have too many man-hours and brain-power put into their behaviour.

I have said this before… why is that BOTS in INVASION seem to be a bit more evasive and have better AI.   ( though on some like the scouts in the safer zones may not)    BUT ever notice the ones with cantainers seem to be more intelligence and evasive   or the gunship or the one with bubble gun ?   why not bring those AI into play ?  


If we have to stick with BOTS in PVP…