Bot AI needs work

Bot AI really needs to be looked at. I don’t mind fighting with drones in battles, but it’s infuriating when I fight my hardest in a battle against an opponent and after I die, as I switch camera views to see what my bots are doing, I find one or more of them boosting full-speed into an asteroid, not contributing at all.

This is offset by the fact that in a battle a few days ago, I ran into a bot called “Grace” who was unstoppable. She was defending a beacon in a Tier 1 ship and nothing I did could defeat her. I even asked team mates to come help and she single-handedly fought off 3 player ships. After we were all killed by Grace, we found 2 of our own bots again boosting into rocks doing nothing useful.

I don’t mind tough opponents, but I’d like things to be a bit more balanced and consistent.

Hello i agree with Franklen on this, i have fought some of those battles with him and a lot of times the other teams Bots are wrecking havoc on our drones and taking beacons and our drones act like they have no clue about what their purpose is, a lot of times just sitting in one place and not doing anything or like Franklen said boosting into rocks or just nose against a rock not moving at all. I have seen a many of times that when i take out the protection drones protecting their beacons and i get run off from the beacon before i can capture it maby by another player or their bot, the beacon will just sit their and our drones rarely take advantage of the unprotected beacon and just sit in one place, im just trying to undertand why this is?

One thing to keep in mind: bots are equal opportunity team members. They work just as badly (or well) for the other team…any variations in one game are eventually balanced out over the long run.

Not to say I wouldn’t like to see them made a bit smarter, but it’s not the most urgent issue in the game.