Boss Battles [Gamemode]

Name: Boss Battles

Type: Cooperative PvE mode

Ranks: 10-15

Description: The Jericho deep-space scanners have revealed that Mrs Summer’s old allies are gathering their forces up and are preparing to attack out sectors! We need you to round up the best of the best of the mercenaries to intercept this group of very powerful pirate and cartel bosses! The more of them that you kill, the bigger your reward will be!

Mode: It will throw a team of 4-8 players in to an arena where one boss will spawn. Once you kill this boss, the next boss will spawn after a certain period of time so that you can heal your team. Each boss gets progressively harder, and each kill will increase your reward considerably.

The bosses would be different each time, with special abilities.

Here are some ideas for bosses:

Name: “Punisher-XT”

Ship: ArchDragon

Main weapon: High-damage coil-mortar

Modules: 1)AMS 2)Pulsar

Main module: Combat Drones

Special abilities: 1)Punisher-Pulse:“Quickly pushes away any nearby enemies in one pulse, dealing 12,000 Kinetic damage in line-of-sight.” 2)Reinforcements:“Summons allies to help in combat.”

Lore: “After the AI predecessor ‘Punisher’ was taken down by a squad of mercenaries, the Blackwood corporation has been developing an enhanced AI system and several new weapons for it. After hearing about this new development, Mrs Summer contacted them and immediately bought the ship and AI system. She has since upgraded its defences and armament to further increase its destructive power.”

Name: “Captain Flux-Beard”

Ship: A squad of 4 Jaguars with identical builds and a Reaper.

Main weapon: Jaguars-Flux Phaser /// Reaper-long-range Scattergun

Modules: Jaguars;1)Target Painter, 2)Heavy Drone /// Reaper;1)AMS, 2)Short-range Pulsar

Main module: Jaguars;7-second cloak /// Reaper;Phase Shield

Special abilities: Jaguars;Holo-Ship /// Reaper;Hemishield:“Creates a massive shield in front of the ship that absorbs all incoming damage for 35 seconds.”

Lore: “Captain Flux-Beard is quite the unique old man. He has made his living by stealthily and swiftly taking down faction transport ships and building up his defences. They say that he once had his head shot off and was thrown out of an airlock; but he drifted three times around the station before climbing back in through an exhaust vent and killing everyone. He has been known to decorate his beard with plasma cells in effort to scare off attackers, hence his name.”

Name: “Bartle’s Revenge”

Ship: Sibyl

Main weapon: Halo System

Modules: 1)Photon Torpedo, 2)Pyro Beam, 3)Repulsor, 4)Black-Hole Generator *All turrets are indestructible

Special Module: Enhanced Combat Drones:“Is literally just 4 combat drones with enchanced durability and utility.”

Special Abilities: 1)Plasma Bombardment:“Summons several large stationary turrets that fire heavy plasma artillery at enemies.” 2)Engineer Summon:“Summons a very skilled engineer to the battlefield to repair the ship. Will not fire on enemies, but instead focus eclipse fire on the ship.”

Lore: “The Bartle’s Revenge is a massive ship created in dedication to the ancient earth-bound pirate ship. It is piloted by none other than Captain Flux-Beard’s younger brother, Flare-Beard. Though his name seems great, he actually got it because he accidentally set his beard on fire after misfiring an IR Flare module.”

Any additions?

While I like the sound of a boss rush PVE, I would prefer that the bosses be pulled from what we already have, i.e., cruiser, punisher, pirate baron, etc.

Finish PVE 5 monos!

Interesting idea  :001j:

Would be nice. But only if it is not going like current spec ops maps do. Spec ops maps have their own sequences and therefore they have very limited ways to be completed. This mode should work some other way. For example, it should not have time limitation, the gradually increasing difficulty was already mentioned, there should not be much covers if any, RANDOM (no any way to memorize the map)  distracting elements could also make it exciting and difficult.

The idea of boss battles could be interesting, but they’d have to do something that the existing content doesn’t already do.


The big flaw in PvE is essentially that everything boils down to “bring a frig and tank damage”. Or, if you’re really inventive, “bring an LRF and DPS while everyone else tanks damage.”


So if we were to have a boss battle mode, it’d need to try and do something unique that encourages a variety of roles. For example, using your Flux Beard idea, you could have a bomb that can be picked up. However, the Tacklers will always attack the bomb carrier, so you might decide to get a really fast ship (Inty or Cruise Fighter), grab the bomb and leg it to the far corner of the map, luring the Tacklers away for the rest of your team.


If the bosses are just more of the same, then it’d become quite stale.