blood tormentor, phoenix/reaper style redesign

what I am suggesting is modifying the blood tormentor like you did with the phoenix and the reaper, the following items would be added to its arsenal:

(weapon)-“Hellfire” miniature pyro emitter

a short range thermal weapon operating like the destroyers pyro emitter does

(spec-mod)-“smelter” shield modification

passive effect: either deals thermal damage to nearby enemies, or provides a shield resistance bonus,

active effect: switches to the other passive option

(module)-“ashen” ship reboot

temporarily disables the ship and its shields, after a few seconds the shields, and the cool-downs of other modules are replenished

(module)-“stoker” reactor mod

passive effect: upon ship destruction creates a large radioactive cloud dealing heavy thermal damage

active effect: empties ship capacitors, deals thermal damage to nearby enemies equal to 4x capacitor charge consumed


a notable thing is that I think the blood tormentor should be changed to a r8(optional) to help emphasize the relation to the phoenix and reaper, specific stats for the modules have not been stated as to leave more room for balance

if you haven’t noticed yet, this blood tormentor modification is meant to make it an “in your face” damage oriented guard frigate, it is also obsessed with thermal damage