Bigger Squads, More Than 4!

Are there any plans to increase the squad size?


I got 6 buddies together once and we were saddened to find you can only have 4 people to a squad. I know this may be rare, but it would be an awesome feature, especially for the larger groups/corporations that use voice chat. A well coordinated team can do wonders. 


There are no plans to increase the squad size due to balance problems.

A well coordinated team can do wonders. 

Preciselly that is the reason why it will not happen.

HAHAHA, no. 4 is more than enough to tear you a new exhaust, I shudder to think what more than that will do to matches.

Hmmm. Bringing a full team of corporation members into a match would be quite interesting.


But I’m not sure the other side would feel quite the same way.


I don’t think we’ll see this until maybe in the future we might see proper corp vs corp game modes.

A 10vs10 arranged team mode would work though. But 4 people playing together in pugs is already a massive advantage (too big if you ask me, just look at WoT for example, 3-man platoons usually make the game while its a 15vs15 game so…), so NO.

Right now for corp v corp there’s custom battles, but yeah, they must be planned beforehand. For regular matches, i don’t see you as a solo player at times wanna go vs 12 of the same corp, tho i would also like to fly with all my friends that are online when we are more than 4. It’s weird how in CoD they allow random 8 people teams go vs premade 8 people teams.

Let’s pray a gazillion players will flood SCon on retail day so we can have 12v12 on regular matches (non-corp)? Or at least bigger squads.


PS: with a decent matchmaking as well, you should know the details by now…