Bigger Ignore List Request

I have filled up my ignore list, can you increase the size next patch please? So many idiots in global chat and I just want to block them all out. It’s like Barrens 2.0 meets Jita in there…


Many thanks!

I’d pay for a spam block feature lol

Also, I am sick of the “how do I sell my ship” question… please put something in the initial screens that basically says that you cannot sell the ships once you buy it

This is desperately needed. As a new player I still want to read chat in case something interesting info is mentioned, but the how to sell ships and alt+f4 are getting on my nerves and now my list is full.

Imo “how to sell ship?” is more often just trolling.

About “alt f4” that is pretty much the best answer to “which <module or ship or faction> is the best?”. Global chat is just a public trolling zone, and actually as far as i know, that is the only so called “MMO” aspect in this game.  :lol: Nothing said in there should be taken seriously.

Bump for infinite ignore list.

Just out of curiousity… what’s the ignore limit?


I somehow never needed to use that. I posess an unlimited built-in ignore function. :-]


Ignorance is bliss you know.

I concur with OP and keyo. People need to shut the hell up about selling their ships. Also alt+f4 trolling should be punishable by chat ban. It’s not funny, it never was and it translates to my eyes as “DURP HUhUhU” “DUUURRRRRp”

better yet. Ignoring someone should block their pings. had someone in PvE who refused to communicate or listen. and instead pinged non-stop. very annoying. 

My ignore list is filled with just bacon knobs, no room for the ignorant or racist trash  =(


And about selling ships and getting more space.  This is NOT the players fault, the game obviously does not obviously inform or let the player know about these parts of the game.

When every single new player comes in and has to ask this, its an obvious flaw.