Better Sorting in the Warehouse

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a hoarder.


I don’t intend to be, it just kinda happens. I just happened to break through 1000 storage space, then it was 1100, then it was 1300, and now I’ve actually found the hard ceiling at 1500 and the game doesn’t seem to allow it to go further.


One of the problems is definitely the hoarder part of me - I tend to hold onto anything that I think I might want down the road, even if I don’t have any use for it now.


But the second problem is that “cleaning house” isn’t that easy when you have a large inventory like mine. The display is more or less like that of a File Browser - you can either have “list view” or “icon view”, but other than the Rank/Mk sorting, there isn’t any other way to manipulate what it shows you.


For instance, something I would find very useful when cleaning house is a “quantity” sort toggle that would show all items in decending order based on quantity. One of the things I started doing with that stash of “maybe one day” modules, is I started saying - “I’ll only keep X amount, and then anything over gets salvaged”. So being able to sort my inventory and show right away at the top all the items I have 10 of, 9 of, 8 of, etc would help a lot with cutting the fat off.


Another thing that would be helpful would be having a way to select multiple items for sale or salvage at the same time. I realize that items stack, so it isn’t as easy as just going through and putting a checkbox on items, but perhaps you could implement a “Multiselect” mode that would allow you to grab a certain number off the top - For example:

—Select “MultiSelect” - A dockable tray appears that all of your selected items will move to.

—Go through your list and keep selecting items. If an item stack has only one item, move it to the tray. If an item stack has 2 or more, display a number prompt and move that number of items to the tray.

—When the user finished selecting all of the batch items, they will select “Salvage Batch” or “Sell Batch” and have it all done at once.


And yet another thing that would prove helpful would be a Salvage indicator on the items. For instance, if you look at the icon for a MkII R15 Upgrade Kit, it only shows the rank, color, price and stack count. But to see what it will salvage to, you have to right click, select salvage and see it in the confirm screen (a lengthy process for going through a large inventory trying to find that part that will salvage into just what you need).


So, instead of making us navigate to a confirm screen just to check the output, why not show this information on the icon card? That green card that shows a rank, stack number and price has plenty of room to overlay a small image of a Computer Chip with a “x2” next to it, and a Metal Blank with a “x3” next to it. Then you could scan through your warehouse and quickly see what items will salvage into the material you’re looking for. So you could either overlay that all the time, or put a checkbox to toggle a “verbose” mode that would show this - either way, the overlay would help.


To piggy back the last two, that salvage count along with the sell count would total up into the “Multiselect” tray - so you would have a mini-pane on the right side that totals up all the resources or credits you will get for all items in your tray.


And lastly, why not make the window larger? You’re already trying to look through your inventory to find stuff - why do you care about seeing everything in the background? There’s a lot of unused real estate on that screen to make seeing your inventory easier. At least give us a toggle to make the window small or fullscreen, just like a normal file browser.


An example of my long-winded recommendations:




Buttons for maximizing window, sorting by QTY, displaying salvage info, and doing batch processes.



Multiselect tray open along with the Salvage Info displayed - Pure awesomeness :slight_smile:



I admit that I probably took way too much time making these images and making them look good (I’m OCD like that), but I hope you get the picture and like the recommendation. Now it’s time for me to sleep…





Actually, you only need 3 guns of each type. Perhaps 6 or 9 of some equipment for hull/shield slots.


Everything above can be sold …

… unless you want perfection and have 1 item for each ship that can equip it and you are ready to pay for it.


It would be nice to have it as an option … keep 3/6, sell everything above automatically.