as title says i think there is a need for much clearer and better indicators. the small arrow in the side of the screen are little help in the heat of battle to get a good view, and the "minimap got very low range and aint helpfull in most situations to get a good idea of where the enemies are around you.


a much clearer and better indicator for where things are around you is needed.

Agreed, many friends who started playing have difficulty with minimap and indicators.

Especially beacon locations. I can’t make those out between all the arrows. Biggest problem is blue beacons in the ice map. No way you can find them on the edges of the screen.

One thing i find difficult? Tracking the damn Aiming reticle. Any ideas?

All that comes to my mind is Freelancer. I never, ever had problems with locating stuff there. Big arrows to point at enemies out of your FOV, even bigger to point at important stuff (beacons?) and crazy spinning targeting reticle.

I think it may be good on smaller screen, but on big screens the arrows are so tiny…



I always get lost with my EMP bomb on a map i don"t know well enough.

+1 for everything you sais :stuck_out_tongue:

Great ideas! 
Can’t count the times I died because i can’t find my aiming reticle during an all out battle.

up again :slight_smile:


maybe allow people to costumize a few things like “colours”, “size” of different indicators on the screen.


this would be extremely helpfull.


also make the minimap sizeble, meaning let us decide if it is within 5km,10km or 30km as we like it to be :slight_smile:


stuff like this which allows us to make the interface as easy for us to use as possible :slight_smile: