better looking ship destruction and damage

the current animation for ship destruction is kind of plain unless you are a small getting hit by a big rocket or lots of lasers i dont think the ships would instantly desintegrate and all the possible parts that could come off would just disapear.

when your ship dies in the game there could be diffrent types of deaths that are kinda randomized that go along with the current one, for example one can have a small internal exsplosion then we see the ship break up into a bunch of small fragments (mostly attack ships and frigats) or for smaller ships its wing can get blown off and we see the ship spiral in a random direction and blow up into a bunch of parts (not 4 measly parts) or another one for frigates where its kinda splits in half with small exsplosions then after a few seconds a BIG exsplosion happens and the front and back part of the ship fly off fast into space or maybe some ships can crumple up and implode if the final shot was into the engine.

and the ships should show signs of damage without looking at the health bars because the ships go from factory condition to gone right now and it looks kinda stupid so for example when a ship gets to half hull capacity you start to see fires on the ship and air leaking out of parts and the blue colerd engines will be red with smoke it would be much more satisfying when you get a kill when you see the enemy ship spiral out of control and slam into an nearby astroid!

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some examples star wars


more soon.

I agree :slight_smile: