Better corp communication

So the only in-game method to relay a corp message to everyone is the MOTD.


Can you please make an option to mass mail everyone in the corp (officer, vp and ceo only though)? I would like to implement some things but need everyone onboard.


Yes, I know there is always discord and you can make a corp site which we have but the problem is that most people just want to play the game and not going around form website and reading all this stuff all the time especially those that only play for a hour or so a day or so.


This suggestion alone would be a massive improvement on corp communication. Also make it so its optional to reply to the message before sending it so you don’t end up getting 250 mail…


I don’t want to receive junk mail from my corp. However i support you about better communication is needed in corporations. I think is better some kind of bulletin board built in the corp itself.

A motd bigger with up to 500 characters or something is another option. Anything to be able to announce tasks which needs coordination.

Most of bigger corporations gave up, and use free services like Discord.