Best weapon for jericho command

What is the best type of weapon for jericho command? They all seem equally good or equally horrible to me :stuck_out_tongue: the modifiers dont do anything. All i know is that bubbles suck on it. Idk if rails,gauss,or ions r good

On commands with 3 Capacitor I use Rails, unless they have no CPU or their bonuses are oriented to long range battle style, then I use Gauss.


But there is not a “best” weapon out there, just a weapon you like the most.

All weapons are good depending on playstyle. Assault Railguns and Singularity Cannon for

frontline, Gauss Cannons for support and ranged, and Ion Emitter for both depending on what ammunition and ship modifiers you put in your loadout.

I prefer using Gauss Cannons simply because I can’t dogfight. I put in strafing for when I’m in a sniping contest. Charge the shot, aim, pop out of cover, return, repeat. Like in my guide I focus on crit builds. When not in a sniping contest I have to pick my targets carefully or make targets available by pinging them so allies engage while I snipe. This type of gameplay doesn’t work when your in space with no cover or teammates. Tackler is better for that.


I play gauss on a command ONLY when it have the +50% range on modules.

If it don’t have it, I use rails or bubbles.

Bubble fit perfectly some commands like Prom-X, since it can hit (hard) and run when you’re diffusion is out.Then wait 15 sec and back again !