“Best suggestion” contest (Ideas)

First, bring the concept of the program back to the beginning of 2015.
Make shorter level up process of ships and be less tiers (max. 3). I do not mind if there are fewer ships.
Forget a variety of currencies (iridium, xenochip, etc.)
Focus on PvP. Here can be gain synergy.
Bring back all PvP games.
Make a verification mechanism so that can only apply to a PvP battle who meets the criteria. (For example, Capture the beacons is taken, there are four equivalent ships, or in other battles ships from the same tier.)
Support the team play.
Then wait for return the players who built the community, teach new players, organize the corporations.
Organize a lot of team-oriented events.
After that wait and if there are enough players, you can think about introducing e-sports.
E-sports should only be available on the highest tier
In E-sports should be an entry fee and a victory prize.
Forget the special Ships, Destroyers and the Ellyum ships.
Forget about gambling when you buy raw materials and ship parts.
The PvE, the Open Space, and the Special Operation should be somewhat loosening game mode, so you can get raw materials here. No synergy can be obtained.
Bring back the old galaxy map and cargo drones.
Sector Conquest remain.
Real money is only required for premium licenses and paintings, or for raw materials.


Make a mining system in open space!

Now it is a pain in the hand to collect resources with missions what you can only make just x times / hours / days. Make more opportunities to collect stuff like integrate mining. You can make new weapons which do less dmg to enemies but can be used to mine asteroids or maybe even building, old-abandoned crashed ships etc. It is like a grinding system and some player may hate these stuffs, but i just loved to go out open space and chilling around with some music in the background while mining resources even for sell or use.

It could be a good opportunities for those who just wanna kill enemies in open space to get karma and even help those who want to mine. Or even make a system integration with npc mercenary whom you can hire to protect you against pvp/pk dudes or enemy npc ships. Or at least they try.

Or you guys could make mining oriented ships with better storage, slower movement, some module to short warp and some defensive / flee-from-fight-stuff, get like 6 weapon modules but only 2 for self-defense-fight and 4 for mining or something like that. It could have mid-high hull and mid shield. Mining weapons upgrade could contain faster mining or higher upgrade could give more resource for the same time or this could be a difference in 2 types of mining lasers. It doesn’t really need even new sprites or animations, all of these could be done with already existed stuffs.

Best Regards
from Kagarii ~ a tiny small player in Star Conflict ~

I wish I could say “scrap few last updates and rework entire economy again” but it won’t happen.

I had many ideas but gameplay-specific ones are most important.

OS is probably the most lacking gamemode and the most boring so I say this:


Random scenarios for OS(something like current Alien Invasion), this includes things like:

 - Destroy huge amount of enemies that spawned in map.

 - Destroy heavily guarded outpost.

 - Few friendly transport ships spawned(and even more enemies), defend the transport. Transports are always friendly and can be healed.

 - Similar situation like above but now you need to destroy enemy transport ships.

 - Stop enemy destroyers. Basically “destroy enemy transports” but transport ships are replaced with destroyers and they have no other ship assist.

 - Mining rush(many rocks to collect spawned in certain area) in a dangerous area.

 - Capture heavily guarded control point.

… and more.


Rules of standard scenario:

 - All enemies get auto-destructed after completing the scenario.

 - Rewards would be given for participating(damaging scenario enemies, initializing capturing the control points) and should include adequate amount of credits, synergy, monocrystals(all these rewards together) so it’s a nice alternative to PvE missions. Rewards are the same for each player and are not split(so bigger number of players does not reduce the reward for each player). System should detect players who for example shoot an enemy and go AFK on the other size of the map, players like these shouldn’t be rewarded.

 - Scenarios that include defending of friendly units should gave a timer before it begins so players can arrive.

 - All players on the map should be notified with the exact location when scenario begins.

 - Two ways on when scenarios can be triggered, don’t know which one is better:

   – Scenario begins every 15 minutes based on clock.

   – Scenario begins 10 minutes after finishing previous one.

 - Scenario should take max 10 minutes, after that time it’s declared “failed” and players get only ~20% of initial reward.

 - Rewards scale with map difficulty.

 - Also, all enemies in OS(not only scenario ones) should give credit rewards for destruction.


In addition to map-only scenarios there will also a “global” scenario that is announced to every player in OS:

 - The map location and type of scenario is announced 10 minutes before scenario begins.

 - It begins every even hour of server time(10:00, 12:00, 14:00 etc., so 12 times per day).

 - Enemies are much more difficult and scenario is impossible to complete in solo.

 - The reward is adequate to the difficulty of scenario.

 - There’s a forced truce on the map and players can buff each other.

 - It can take more time than standard scenarios(max 20 minutes?).


It will give much more life to Open Space.



Hi, please work on open world ,it’s so Low population and huge ships like dreadnought thanks 

Please Please PLEEEAAASEEE! let us toggle the “ship status” (V key) in the main menu so that every time I go into a game I don’t have to press it. Over 7800 games in pve and almost 2000 pvp played and every single time I had to press V so that I can be of real use to my team mates, so I can get a perfect shot faster. I toggled everything that I could for it to work but no use. Also let us change it back ingame so when I want to attack a ship at far in open world I can still see them. Thanks for reading my opinion! P.S. It would be nice to earn more credits in weekends (like every battle when not premium - min of 500k and premium - min 1.2m  max 2.5m credits) and let us sell 8 to 10 items at once. Ty again! :slight_smile:

I would like to see you guys do away with certain factions nit having some ship roles. For example I want to see Jericho recons and engineers, Federation command ships etc… In my opinion this is what the rank 16 and 17s should have been. More unique ships like the Spiral and Endeavor would be so cool to see (if y’all could add a F-22 raptor that would rock) . Also add more colors and preset paints (likes the invasion skin or the one for spiral and Endeavor) .




I have had many difficulties getting used to the very small crosshairs while in battle, it can get hard to see it, and hope for the next update to include a larger set of crosshairs while battling.

(what I mean by crosshairs, is the plus sign that your plane flies towards to, also where where your guns fire to)

Would be nice if minimum price from Trade was completely removed. Some items have tons of sellers at the lowest price point which is pretty indicative that true value is not reflected.

Add a toggle button for basic and expert flight mode so i don’t have to go to settings every time.

I’d like to see ships maintain their momentum in one direction even if you rotate to another direction.

Allow players to upgrade all of their ships to increase their rank and stats and also to unlock new modules and module slots with credits, some basic resources and monocrystals. Upgrading should be more expensive than just buying a ship of higher rank, but the option should be there due to some unique ship looks, modules and synergy modifiers. Perhaps the DLC ships like Reaper, Sai, Bear and others should get this treatment first, then apply the same to all other ships.

in my opinion, maybe DEVs can open the CORP’s laboratory in which the member of the corp can get into the lab and nake  research about some corp-exclusive modules and other eqiupments.   ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

Also the OS map can be much more funny by adding some Mining Machine Placing project to increase the income (the more dangerous the place the more incomes) ,and players can form a player squad to bulid defend fortification , pvp zone players can capture others in a special time period( like conquest) while in pve zone can not.

a Ace Player name (ID)  :   SWORD

Out of all the MMOs i have ever played, the only game where Open world, PvE and quests and public quests worked well together is Guild Wars 2, if Open World will be the focus for development i’love to see a similar system to GW2.



I think the biggest whish I have is properly fixing asset loading, aka “join lags” for non-SSD players. Either limiting read buffer size per step in the read function, like literally all examples of programming show you, or avoiding reading multiple assets at once, but basicly just using a plain old magnetic harddrive setup to test the code until “join lags” are completely eliminated, or a workaround is presented.


Oh wait, if you need a new suggestion for the game, I would suggest “brainstorm about spawn mechanics” (wave spawn, individual cooldowns allowing better balancing of mixed ships, spawn points as new dynamic for better gameplay, etc.)


But I have to say, the current mechanics feel like the result of a brainstorm hackaton.


So I would streamline the mechanics and the engine, I would set up better quality control for assets, with triangle counts and similar, I would switch to a release model of feature-fix-optimization, so that new released weapons and abilities get properly balanced before new stuff comes in, I would actually reduce ships by compressing multiple models to “variants” of the same ship, I would take out half of the LRF frigates or repurpose the role a bit in a way, that both seasoned LRF pilots are happy and newcomers do not sit around in spawn…

  • And remove bots from pvp.
  • And remove “remove friend” from squad menu.
  • And fix the syncing of the market not displaying a large “Loading” in the middle of the screen for a few nanosecs, so that the UI is constantly rebuilding itself if the market is updated, closing all tooltips or windows, what a messy design that is. 
  • I see potential in usability upgrades, like reducing the amount of currencies; or layout setups like proposed multiple times, so +1 to thunder. I would actually go a step further and allow import/export of Ship layouts with some nice format, like many fitting games now have (MWO, Eve, etc.), it is enough if one simply tries to parse the clipboard contents. 
  • Re-add proper love and care for corporation like seeing if others are ingame in your corp. 
  • Where are corp stickers for the ship?
  • You could add “tournament” as reason to LFG?! 

Holy crap I could go on forever, and I have not even said a single word about balancing yet…

Dynamic Spawn Points. You could have spawn stations, or Dreadnoughts circling the map. This would effectively eliminate stationary and boring long range fights and force a more dynamic gameplay. The spawn points could be defended by point defence systems like turrets to provide cover for freshly spawned ships. The dreadnoughts are a far too cool asset to only use them in a single gamemode that most players dont experience often.


Additionally, I’d like the three original factions to become more unique. Ellydium ships feel very different from imperial, federation or jericho craft. So, why shouldn’t an imperial vessel feel radically different from a jericho version, aswell? Look at long range frigates: Torpedo frigates of jericho yield a completely different gameplay than imperial disintegrator frigates. Taking long range frigates as an example, I’d love to see faction specific versions of special moduled for the other roles, aswell.


Finally: A small budget for advertising the game would certainly help the playerbase… ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)




Hello to all,


          First of all, thanks to the devs for showing great interests to incorporate the players thoughts and officially provide the opportunity for all of us to chance our involvement into the game. I hope to not acting too obnoxious from the hype while present my concept and get too far ahead of myself by confusing you all and unable to get my point across to everyone at this very crucial moment, so — please bear with me.


       My idea to initiate such concept to be actualized ultimately, in its eventual progress, would be something that imply the sense of vindictive factions & their conflicts to become the catalyst of everyone’s growth towards being the full fledged space combat pilot, while the course of that eventuality will be shaped by each and every actions of our contribution and efforts in related to each of the three respective “factions”: Empire/Federation/Jericho.


       Without further ado, the additional feature I am hoping to gain your support on, is a group mission called “Battle of the Expedition Forces”. The mechanism to retain the procedural fusion are summarized into 3 following sections:

  • Mission prerequisite is the group with minimal of 4 pilots (NO AIs) to the maximum of 16 (Some AIs ok?) shall start the flight from one sector towards another sector with at least 3 systems (gate jumps) away. The group must be composition of ships within the same faction, may or may not be of the same class and/or ship level depends on whichever appropriates the balance of actual game play (which we can all try to see the outcome ourselves).
  • The mission can be accomplished by the expedition group once the destination point has been reached by the surviving members of the expedition. The winning conditions can also have the variances by jotting upon certain member(s) of the group to retain their complete survival (Destroyers or Commands) or with minimal amounts of survivor being dictated as the key to earn accomplishment. Also, the opposing faction(s) of the expedition force can post an ambush on each sector the expedition taking the route upon, with the amount of pilots in equal or less than the expedition initial headcounts.
  • Each and every success and failure will be accumulated and summarized by end results from each factions and their influences within those sectors related to the missions’ origin and the adjacent sectors. The rewards should be the exclusive ship components or the parts necessary to manufacture those ships within the faction, which players elected to take on the missions for.

       Once again, thanks for reading, and feel free to express your thoughts on the idea whether you like or dislike my concept, as well as bashing me for shamelessly post such senseless gibberish. All comments are welcome as well, but please… be gentle. *sob*


Currently i play alot in open space, and my biggest problem with it is that it feels like you are travelling between glass bubbles. Simply, the areas are small. And i know, it was efficient to mix up the pvp/pve scenarios to create the open space, but it should have bigger areas. And to remain efficient, my idea is that bigger open space areas should come also with new game modes, for up to 8 or more players like the special operations, but in a much larger scale map. Pve, pvp or even battle royale, idc. I just want to chilly drift in bigger bubbles, and not feel i’m gettin choked in a space game. (Please remove or replace the fire support and other planet surface areas. I hate them. And we dont need planet surface maps, only space maps) The open space also should be more harder, like in old times. While the decision to remove the fuel mechanic was wise, i think that the instant jumpings are making it boring and easy to achieve for everyone. Maybe with more stations where the players can dock.


Destroyers. They are just totally screwed the teamplay and balance the game, but i see a strangely good future in them. Imagine Star Conflict with only destroyer classes. It should sounds a more balanced promise, and balance means everything in this game. So i dont mind if the devs starts to add more destroyers, premium destroyers, dlc destroyers and an ellydium destroyer, along with new modules and chooseable special modules. And for gods sake, with ships that theese large size, let us have to use more module slots, 6 at least, instead of only 4.


Focus continuously to develop buildable, customizable ships, and i wouldn’t be bothered if the common, simply “purchase and play” ship tree is going to be removed. With smaller ship base, it would add the option to reduce the current rank system from 17, thus, futurely balance the ship strenghts between each rank, and this will enchance the scenario search for the dropping player base. (If its dropping, i dont know for sure… only that the map search time is slowly raising)


The ship tunning should be more deeper, with chooseable ship parts, accessories, color changes even to the ships energy color, and of course, much more avatar profiles.


I know that developing a game is hard, and sacrifices were needed in order to progress. The new trade system and the starting of remove loot boxes along with the destroyer parts was a perfect step towards a more user friendly, more popular game. And the reduced rewards from pve scens and pvp along with the more rewarding premium license was necessary to keep up the income. And thanks to the new trade system, i dont have the shady feeling with the alfa, beta, gamma, delta and other containers drops, but to futurely enhance the user friendlyness, theese too should become to chooseable rewards. Rewards, that give us really what we see, and not some random stuff.


The graphics are beautifel and exelent for me, it doesnt need to be more realistic. But the overall interface should be more modernised and more fluid. Right now, it feels like a little bit clumsy.


Ohh, and please update the Hungarian translate. Its start to getting old and describes a lot of things badly. And we are many.


I hope you devs was have the strenght to read this chaotic, badly described mindburst of mine ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”) Peace, and keep up the good work!

In open space, have the drop loot appear automatically in your cargo hold (after destroying AI), instead of having to fly to the loot and pick it up manually. Containers/Ores auto collect as you fly past them as well, without having to press the ‘C’ key. Add toggle button on cargo hold to ’ auto collect’ or ‘manual collect’


Kosuede [FAITH]

Missile slot weapons could get an overhaul and become full weapon systems similar to the primary weapons - we’d have various missile slot launchers with its own ammunition, e.g.:

  • light / medium / heavy simple missile launcher - it’d take traditional simple kin/em/thermal missiles from intys, fighters and frigates, and would behave the same way as usual (for “it was better before” kind of people);
  • bombs bay - enhancing fly-by scenarios. It’d take shrapnel / plasma / thermal bombs similar to the ones use by cover ops, but with more variety in cooldowns, damage, area and other stats / specialties like cc-ing or creating cc / dot zones, being able to stick to a nearest enemy ship in a certain area, having two or three consecutive explosions (as in having explosive shrapnels);
  • drones bay - enabling carrier-like way of playing. It’d launch drones with various kinds of damage and cc abilities, and with specialties like:
    • being launched in swarms of 3-8 weaker drones instead of one stronger drone;
    • suicidal fly-ins and exploding when having less that some % life;
    • returning to the drone bay after killing its target, or having less than % life, removing bay’s cooldown and repairing itself;
    • customization - there could be drones with similar customisation screen to the ship’s one, just with much lower amount of changes available - we could change drone’s weapon, maybe put some resists / tougher hull on it, maybe add shields or regeneration, add a kamikaze / on-death explosive charge, or install repair beams instead of weapons and target allies instead of enemies;
    • being able to target and taunt other drones, clearing minefields etc.
  • mine dropper - for heavy area control. Same as above - various kinds of damage, cc and behaviour ammo added. Apart from dropping them as one by one or setting up cubic minefield, we could “draw” minefields similar to the way Tal’kin farts. To balance its obvious op-ness at beacons I’d add ability to shoot down mines to the current anti-missile modules and possibility to explode them safely using IR flares;
  • swarm missile launcher - for constant light area bombardment. Ammo could vary in the same way as above examples. I’d put it most of it on very low cooldown, low damage and very low maneuvering (if any). Most importantly I’d remove “more damage to bigger ships” rule to have intys annihilated when going under bombardment, frigates able to withstand it quite well and destroyers being near invulnerable to it;
  • utility bay - for dropping utility objects like repair stations, health packs, cooldown renewal packs, stationary shields.

I’d have bays / launchers cooldowns reduced (apart from some super-heavy damage, super-long cooldowns kinds, where it could be increased) with not much changes in damage, to move missiles from current “additional damage” layer to “second weapon system” one. The change would be nicely accented by adding some CPU / hull / capacitor mods that would increase bay / launcher damage, lower cooldowns etc. in exchange for lowering primary weapon stats or vice versa.


I’d put some of the current active modules generating objects in the game world to the missile slot, e.g. Quark-beamer, Satellite crystal, Crystal farts, Inhibitor crystal, Crystal crystal, Constellation generator, repair stations, static shields, etc. Though in case of the utility systems I’d leave the current active modules untouched and I’d just put stronger versions of them as utility bay’s ammo, so we could have both kinds of one utility type at the same time if we wish so.


Anti-missile module could be able to shoot down smaller drones / deactivate bigger ones and IR flares could attract them and detonate / deactivate them on touch, as even current simple drones were considered too strong. Though increased amounts of minefields, swarm launchers, bombs and aggressive-defensive drones should be able to also balance them quite well.



As for graphics, I’d add many more alternative colour patterns for the ships. I’d also increase the available colour palette.  Premium options like RGB colour- and material-pickers would be nice, as aesthetics do matter in space.


Another premium option could let players upload and use their own graphics as the stickers - it’s always nicer flying something with a personal touch. 



In the sounds compartment, I’d give a lot to have an option for lower frequency sounds, mainly on afterburners, UI and using things with C key. Current ones drill into ears a bit too much, especially during long flights through the OS.


“Space mode” would also be great for better Open Space experience, with only the sounds coming from the inside of the ship - engines, sounds of getting hit, electronic warnings, radio chatter. Current “sounds in space” mode makes for more natural gameplay, and for obvious reasons it’s great for pvp, but it kills one of the basic pleasures of space travels - total isolation.



P.S. It would be great to be able to land on destroyers; I always try to and I only bounce back. Please make destroyers able to become big friendly space buses.


Pilot name: BeyondTheLight