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As the saying goes, so many men, so many minds. And we are very interested to hear your thoughts! Try on the shoes of a designer and tell us [what you would like to see in the game in 2019.](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/37986-%E2%80%9Cbest-suggestion%E2%80%9D-contest/)


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I think a new alien ship is a good idea for the new update 2019.I like the three alien ships on this game.For example a gurdan alien ship with new weapons and moduls and rockets with alien technology.Or a alien ship with a new ship class.For example the special moduls can produce 1-8 little drones that attack the target.Is the target destroyed the drones go back to the host ship and repair.The host ship have a damage boost for @-@sec



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Hallo i am a dutch pilot and long member of Star Conflict  Whant i hoop to see in 2019  1 of 3 new stations in space ( The Dutch Station or Fist Of The North Star Station )  Greating from fearrolfWINGMAN  from the corp  The Last Man Standing [FAITH] and a dutch pilot

Missile volley, large number of missile volley.

right now in the game the only large number missile volley we got is 20 missile volley by Destroyers’ "‘Tempest’ Launcher“.

In a space fighting game the large number missile volley is so cool.so what about add more large number missile volley into the game.

and compare with other same kind of games, for the guns star conflict already did good enough, but on the large missile volley it really need to improve, yse i mean Dreadnought.


and also the carriers.

we got drones in the game, but most of times they are only a secondary weapon like missile.


Guns, Missiles and Carriers should be three main ways in space games.

for guns we already have lots of them.

but for carriers & missiles, although we already got them in game, but they still got a big space to improve.

try to let them become a main weapon or main part for some ships, maybe cool.

Bots should be removed from PvP/PvE.

In PvP, smaller battles are OK. In PvE, smaller teams are also OK.

If they must stay, allow pilots to chose “bot-free” battles at the cost of higher wait time. Option defaulted to “on”.


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I suggest seeking a different career. How about teleshopping?

It would be nice to have at least one or two Alien Destroyer ships in the year 2019. And maybe one of them could have a special module/gun that has the ability to cause ships within an area to lose gravity and sink until the effects of worn out.

My suggestion would be ship loadouts, building a ship, saving it, and loading that build at the click of a button, it would help us change our ship builds for different gamemodes much faster.

I think it would be fun to add some new features to the open world maps like:

Armed stations you can destroy for resources,

Destroyers that fly randomly that you need to destroy for destroyer parts

mabye some meteors that fly by were you can gather resources.

bombing certain things

catching fast crafts

dodge missions 


I really like that resources can stack now btw

I think that it would be nice if you added some visible damage on ships and enviroment for example if you could see burns from thermal weapons on your ship and “writing on asteroids” It means that the line from lasers (or other weapons like vulcans etc…) will be visible on a asteroid for 3-5 minutes because if it disspeared in 10 seconds it would not be realisti

I edited a screenshot to explain that a little bit more

I just think that it would be a great visual addition because it just feels weird that ship with 500hp looks same as ship with full hp


I was thinking about that and it seems realy simple, you just need to add something like sticker on the spot hit by a projectile

(Aslo my name in game is Jkavalir9)


Star Conflict 2 (Back to the roots). An eSport ready pvp only game, 3 faction, 3 class, 9 role pvp (as it was in ~2013-14).

Only 18 ships with customisation (6Jeri, 6Fed, 6Emp). No tiers or ranks, no crazy leveling, customisation options only.

Teamplay enabled! 

   How about a corp and player reputation system such as the reputation system used in the old game freelancer. Eventually allowing you to become friendly with factions such as the prates and other OS groups.  Allow players to purchase a friendlier reputation with certain other groups for totals like ~25 million credits.

   Another idea is to add corporation battles outside of sector conquest. Allow corps to build a space station in OS using some of the unused jump gates out in open space as that corps sector. Using Iridium or credits to add weapons shields drones and buffs (shield recharge, fire rate, ect, withing a certain range of their own station). If an attacking corps players win then they can steal a limited amount of credits or other stockpiled resources from the losing corp. Also periodically corps will have to defend their stations from aliens, pirates, or hostile factions. (Such as defending from an attacking federation dreadnought with AI fighters)


 These battles only being allowed to take place if both corps declare war on each other. Also allow corp alliances so that friendly corps can help defend and allies station or help an ally attack another corps station. All of this under Open Spaces rules such as requiring the use of duplicators after being destroyed or otherwise having to relaunch from the nearest available friendly hanger.

Make a new game, and prevent pay to win

Id suggest making many new sectors, very far, rich, and dangerous sectors, with more interactive features, because Open Space is a fundamental part of the game… hopefully also encouraging groups of player to team up, using combinations of ships, destroyers, command and engineering for example, to survive exploration.

instead of 3,500 storage space, give NO LIMIT

that’s what I need to quickly give to the market, because I’m losing

the new shipbuilding mechanics is … very easy Ace stand on the 14th destroyer

Special operation - Loss

PVE - Alone

PVP - It’s hard to determine



if you want to leave the tracer use Ignis 16r Gun-ship have this gun.

for me, the HUD fits often, I rely on numbers




Blaster “Ignis”




Well since this entire huge expansion is called Journey, it wouldnt be a bad idea to actually work with it. What i have on my mind is implementing instances in the OS (a thing similar to dungeons etc.). You know, something like the Spec-Ops, but on a smaller scale and with fewer players. Doesnt have to be in every zone, but atleast somewhere and for somewhat decent rewards, nothing crazy. Another thing - there are “new” planets in this exp., yet nothing to do with them at all. A new PvP/PvE maps with unique design ( tunnels going through the ground, holes in bigger rocks to fly through, maybe even teleport beacons - there’s a million ways to do it.), or even those instances i mentioned before could be situated there.

IGN : Oopsie

I recommend Star Citizen XD

nice, beautiful but if they use it

Give us refund of 1.5.8b update where you took out blueprints/parts that worth a lot of Credit/GS and made us lose a LOT of progress on building destroyers, some of us has to start from scratch with zero minerals now