Best Pilot Snow74Leopard!


Upon examination of pilots’ personal records, Command Officials have established that mercenary **Snow74Leopard**was first to achieve maximum synergy with all of the ships! He is also the very first pilot to collect the biggest fleet in Precursors’ Sectors!

In order to acknowledge this outstanding alacrity, the Command has issued a decree, awarding this pilot with Extended License for 1820 days (5 years) as well as handing him over a unique piece of artifact equipment - system ’ Positronic Destructor TG-18

We would like to congratulate Snow74Leopard and wish him clear space and honourable foes!


Star Conflict Team



Slightly better than Mk.4 (1-2%) as soon as I have complete prototype I will update the topic with screenshot.

Congrats to him.


Collecting all the ships (Including all the Premiums) is a super support to the devs and the game.


But what exactly is the ‘Positronic Destroyer TG-18’? I want to know =)

It is an Mk. 5 prototype (Legendary weapon), only three-four of them exist in-game, they are rewarded only to the most outsatnding pilots. Today is the day when one more arrived in-game.  :fed010:

Congrats !


Don’t tell me it’s a frigate weapon… I will be Jealous xD

Mk. 5 :what:


I should have hurried more :smiley:

But even if I transferred all my Synergy into free synergy, I still wouldn’t have finished!

Why is this a thing? I’m just curious, that’s all…

I cant wait for a screenshot. 


We really gotta have more events and special prizes. But gaining EVERY ship to MAX synergy is a feat of pure patience. 

Gratz Snow74Leopard (op weapon is simply op… jk, jk 100k of smiles) :lol:

Wow, ALL ships at max synergy. This is an awesome feat, worthy of a great reward. I would really love to get blaster by this weapon just to see it in the damage report  :Dwop

Could you tell us what tier and kind of weapon is it? Sounds like a positron cannon, so mk5 poscan? But what tier?

Congrats to Snow74Leopard :salute: , but it would have been nice if we knew that we could get a reward for doing such a thing  :lol:

do we get similar rewards for doing the same?

He is Member of ESB, ofcourse!

Please start rant now!  :taunt:

I don’t think so Smooticus. It is a unique reward for the first pilot. Antibus wrote that only 3-4 legendary weapons exist ingame. If every pilot got that reward, it would no longer be legendary :wink:

Congrats to Snow74Leopard :salute: , but it would have been nice if we knew that we could get a reward for doing such a thing  :lol:

He has place №1 in ‘Fleet Strength’ rating. 

I suggest you give him a ship to synergize cause he gonna be bored with all them ships and synergy bonus and nothing to synergize…

He has place №1 in ‘Fleet Strength’ rating. 

Well, I have the 313th place with just 6 premium ships and I begun playing in October, so really people are not trying hard XD.

That should be a legendary ship, with 200 resistance on every damage type on HULL and SHIELD. Besides, it should need 20 Million synergy per level. A total of 10 Levels, with 1000 DPS bonus per level.




But something else: It would be nice, if a feature like ’ transfer synergy to Dreadnought’ came… So the synergy we accumulate once we have full fleet strength, doesn’t go to waste. And then, the Dreadnought really needs 20 levels and 300 million synergy each =))

That would be fantastic end game challenge !

He has place №1 in ‘Fleet Strength’ rating. 

Let’s be honest, those rating panels need to be optimized… I mean, some pilots aren’t even in them!

He has place №1 in ‘Fleet Strength’ rating. 


I know Antibus, what I meant is that it would have been nice if we were told “The first one to be number one in Fleet STR will get a good reward”.